What is Universal Love and Happiness?

How to Find Universal Love and Happiness.

                                                      By Jim Chilson

As a broad notion, spirituality allows for a variety of viewpoints. It often entails a quest for purpose in life and generally involves a feeling of connection to something greater than ourselves. As a result, it is a shared human experience that affects everyone. A spiritual experience may be sacred, sublime, or a profound sense of aliveness and connectivity.

Some people could discover that their affiliation with a church, temple, mosque, or synagogue is closely related to their spiritual life. Others look for significance in their relationships with nature or the arts. Others could pray or find solace in a close personal connection with God or high power.

Most of us think we are so far from universal love and joy, and they are such distant memories that we give up, and the thought of ever being in that state again is unimaginable. Fortunately, it is easy if you are thinking about how to be happy in life or what is the art of happiness. It is a lot easier than doing the dishes or mowing a lawn. Suppose you have felt it before. It is easy to feel it again. And if you never have, it is easy to feel what it feels like. Our doubt-filled minds may make us think about how to be happy and how difficult feeling love and happiness is.

The happiness or love genes are not working. Most people do not know if they have ever or can ever feel love or happiness. Most think they haven’t and can’t and never will feel it. But it also seems to be everyone’s greatest desire. But it might be genetically impossible because the more they try to grasp it, the more it eludes them.

I contend that most people surrendering to God’s love can find the art of happiness again and live in joy.

First, universal love is no different at its core than romantic love. Romantic love is a part of universal love. Both trigger emotions often described as nervous happiness when one sees the object of their desire—a tingling in the heart. Excitement and anticipation – the stuff we all lust after it? What is your favorite food in the world? Maybe it is a dress. Or shoes? Almost everyone loves something.

What happens when you enter a shop that has it? Just what do you long for? How do you feel? Hands clammy, eyes dart nervously, mouth waters, you can taste the love in the air.

You think of how fine the art of happiness looks being brought to you, and you cannot wait. Remember every detail of how it looks, how it makes you feel.

For a minute, you smile and feel happy.

It can work similarly for an old sports car you want to drive again. You remember how it looked, handled, and the engine’s sound. You can remember almost every line and were happy whenever you got near it.

This is what peace, love, and happiness feel like, a love of anything and anyone. Now spread it to everyone and everything.

You know what it feels like. See it and appreciate it in more and more things around you.

And look how happy it makes you feel.

Love and happiness

It is your choice to appreciate it or not. To be happy or not. It is not up to anyone or anything else. It is your choice. While it is generally out of your control to choose the things you love, it is up to you to be happy about them. To be glad that you love chocolate Mousse Tracks ice cream or not. Comfortable loving your spouse is your choice.

Is love happiness?, most people have been in love multiple times. Now is the time to expand those feelings and feel the love and happiness for those things you love and life itself. To make yourself feel that joy once again. Love and happiness.

by: Jim Chilson

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