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Though Christians believe there is one God whom they call Father, they say that Jesus Christ is His son. The core belief in Christianity is that Jesus is the savior of people. The ones who follow Jesus will go to heaven and have everlasting happiness. If one does wrong they can repent and ask for forgiveness.

Christians say God loved us so much that he gave his only begotten son to suffer for us, die on the cross for our sins, and rise again. Showing us his power and truth that there is another world for the just where the soul never dies. There is also the idea that for those attracted to the Father/Son relationship concept to get closer to God, Christianity is the way.

What do Christians believe about Jesus?

Christians believe Jesus is the Son of God. They look up to Jesus as a source of light and support. They believe that as the son of God, He will help them establish a credible relationship with God through his death and resurrection. Christian ideal values and goals are based on generosity, kindness, honesty, forgiveness, not judging, and loving each other.

Christianity teaches us to be confident in all that we do because God is with us and to live life with compassion. The virtue of love exceeds all. In Christianity, the crux of the belief is that love overpowers all and that to love God and your neighbor as yourself.

Christianity is a religion of peace that advises living in harmony, treating thy neighbor with love, and being there in times of need. Because in reality, we all co-exist, and the way to move forward is not alone. It is always with the help of someone and helping people is an important way to live. After all, is that not how we remember people is how they have helped others?

What is the Trinity in Christianity?

The concept of the holy trinity is the FatherSon, and Holy Spirit. It is believed that all of these three entities are essentially one. This is because people saw God as being out of reach to His people so he created his Son to teach the people. Jesus showed there was more to life than what we can see with both his teaching and his resurrection. Therefore, Jesus emerged as the Son of God to explain God’s way as a path that promotes love and peace, and everlasting life through the grace of God.

The Holy Spirit is the spiritual aspect of God and is mentioned in Acts of the Apostles as being involved in healing, prophecy, expelling demons, and speaking in tongues. The symbol of the Holy Spirit is a white dove.

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