Hindu religion

Moving Onto Hinduism

According to Hinduism and its teachings, life’s purpose is four-fold. It is to achieve Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha.

Dharma is ethics and duties. For Hindus, dharma is the way of life. It promotes the right way of living and the path of correctness. For them, living correctly is what matters. Hinduism promotes good by celebrating events religiously. There also exists an occasion called Dussehra, which is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil.

Artha refers to prosperity and work. Artha translates to meaning and a sense of purpose. It helps to find goals in life to lead to a rich and meaningful life. Artha is important because it helps people find wealth by the means they use in life. Artha will help people focus on their goals and what they desire to achieve.

The Kama refers to desires and passions. The essence of Kama in Hinduism is to desire something – it’s to wish, and have a longing. The Kama is yearning for what the heart truly desires. Hinduism teaching helps to heal the heart by focusing on what it really wants, and it helps you walk the path you need to in order to live a blissful life. It focuses on affection and love.

Hinduism is the third-largest religion in the world. Moksha is essentially liberation, freedom from the cycle of death, and rebirth/salvation. Hindus believe in the concept of rebirth. Moksha is the release from the cycle of rebirth, which is based on Karma. Hindus have a strong moral compass when it comes to Karma. They believe the life they live will decide their fate in the next life. Hindus tend to believe their atman will be given birth again in a different body or living organism.

Hinduism also teaching live a morally peace full life. It focuses on doing good to receive good. It establishes the idea that whatever you do will reverse like a boomerang and come back to you; therefore, any good you do will come back in the form of good, and any missteps or misdeeds will come back to you, maybe in a different form, but in the same essence.

Hinduism is a religion that celebrates success. There are numerous festivals and occasions that Hindus celebrate with determination and passion. They celebrate Holi to mark the coming of spring. Diwali is the festival of lights that represents knowledge. Hinduism paves the way for living a life of honesty, kindness, love for family, and credibility.

Yoga and singing Bhajans – songs praising God, are thought of as two ways to get close to God.

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