Love is the religion
Who is God ?
LOOK IN THE MIRROR God created us to experience life through us.
Comes before all religions


Who is God?

For a long time there has been a debate asking “Who is God” and there have been and are many different answers. For some people, God exists. And for others, God does not! Those who don’t agree with God’s existence always ask that if there is a God, who is He? God is behind all creation in the universe, the creator of nature. Nature wasn’t created by human beings or any living things on the planet, and if we didn’t do it then something else must have done it.
Who is God?

Why God is love.

Is God Love? In the beginning, there was only God. God knew He was the power. But it wasn’t enough because He could not feel nor experience who He was because there was nothing to compare himself to, so He created relativity and a way to reach everything, to experience what life feels like out of Love and His desire to share Himself through all He made. Universal Love. The Big Bang. And Einstein’s theory of relativity. We were all created out of Love, so of course, we deserve to feel what we are – loved by God from the beginning. No sins. Universal Love is more than merely an emotion; it is an actual state of being.
Why God is Love

Major Religions

Is Jesus God? Yes. And so is Allah, Buddha, Krishna, your neighbor, and you too. Remember, God knows when a blade of grass moves. That is because He is that blade of grass. He is in everything seen and unseen. He manifested everything from energy. Why did He do it? Welcome to the Journey. Religions are fundamentally the beliefs that say there is a higher power that created us. Every religion believes in energy or higher power that either is responsible for creating all that we see or has an active hand in helping guide what takes place in our world. For lack of another term, please allow me to use the word God, or SI, the supreme intelligence.
Spirituality and Religion

What is Spiritual?

what spiritual means? This is a question that has been asked for centuries, and there are countless answers, definitions, and opinions. Some people believe that spirituality is synonymous with religion, while others view it as a separate entity altogether. Ultimately, Spiritual is a personal and subjective experience that will differ from person to person. This article will explore what it means to be spiritual and how it can benefit our lives.
What is spiritual?


God created us: you, me, your pet, everything in the universe, in order to experience life through us. We are a part of Him. In the beginning, He couldn’t experience who He was because He was everything, so pow! Big Bang. And the theory of relativity was born, along with hot/cold and good/bad. Now we have the choice to be whatever we choose to be. Free choice. He experiences Himself through us because He is in every atom of energy, and energy is what this world is made of. God loves us as we are. Love is the primary reason for our world’s creation.

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