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Spirituality- Going Beyond One’s Own Self

Spirituality is the concept of being associated with the human spirit or soul as compared to material possessions. Spirituality is a path of healing. It’s the route to achieving inner peace. It is the state in which you are having a connection with God or the spiritual world.

In essence, spirituality means connecting to something bigger than ourselves. It means connecting with a power that is not tied to material or tangible properties which means nothing is holding it back. There is spiritual freedom to take what makes sense and leave what does not.

Spirituality is often where members of other religions come from. When they have trouble with some aspects of their base religion and have hard to answer questions. They know there is a higher force at work but are not satisfied with organized religion.

There are many theories and thoughts from many very smart people. Who have knowledge of so much more about who, what, and why we are really here.

Spirituality Health:

Spirituality can have a positive impact on a person’s health in a variety of ways. Studies have shown that individuals who engage in regular spiritual practices, such as prayer, meditation, or attending religious services, may experience a range of health benefits.

Spirituality borrows many concepts from other religions and especially Buddhism, and there are many ways to practice Spirituality: It’s not necessarily tied to any specific religion or belief system, although it can be influenced by them.


Good for Meditation is an age-old practice that connects the body to the mind. This act conjoins both functioning systems and moulds them into one. By meditating, you stay in touch with your emotions and connect with them. It is also thought of as a way to get close to God.


The Yoga has also thought of as a way to get closer to God. Yoga focuses on kindness, love, and compassion. When an individual gets involved in yoga, they connect with these characteristics. When they connect with these characteristics, they connect with the being who graces us with these characteristics.

Aroma Therapy:

Best Aroma Therapy stimulates receptors in the nose, which subsequently send receptors to the brain through the body’s nervous system. The part of the brain where receptors activate is the one that controls emotions. By positively impacting our emotions, aromatherapy filters our brain to focus on the good and improves our mood.


Veganism is a concept based on honoring and respecting every being. Veganism promotes establishing a plant-based diet to respect animal species. This is an attempt to discourage slaughter and any by-products that can attained from it. Animals deserve to live free as we do.

Appreciation of Nature:

Start Appreciation of nature can lead us closer to God because it will help us understand His creativity, imagination, awe, and wonder. Nature is a way to talk to God because He portrays His presence in such ways- through the beauty of a garden. The quietness between the mountains and the firmness of the clouds which stand so far from us, so alone, yet are perfectly aligned with our view.

What Spirituality also does is help you see within. To understand a higher power, you end up diving into yourself and re-evaluating the kind of person you are. This will enable you to deepen your connection with other people and experience a feeling of connectedness.

Many also believe that there are no coincidences. Every person we meet or thing that happens has a deeper reason and we should consider that carefully before disregarding all the seemingly chance meetings and occurrences that happen to us.

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