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Choose Love Not Fear: A Positive Message for a Brighter Future

Choose Love

Choose Love Not Fear

Why should we choose love instead of fear? Fear is the absence of love. In reality it is an acronym of “False Evidence Appearing Real”. From a spiritual perspective, fear is merely a manifestation of the mind’s apprehension towards the unknown or perceived threats. It arises from a sense of separateness and attachment to outcomes, leading to feelings of anxiety, insecurity, and resistance to change. Fear can obscure one’s connection to their inner wisdom and higher consciousness, hindering spiritual growth, warps your perception and shatters your inner peace.

A veritable destructive energy, fear spells hostility and separation, whereas unconditional universal love stands for harmony and brotherhood. Fear is man’s greatest weakness; it is a major stumbling block in your life and to your spiritual progress. What you can achieve with love, you can never achieve when you live with fear.

Love is the essence of our true nature and the universal force that connects all beings. To choose love means aligning with this divine essence, recognizing the inherent interconnectedness of all life and embracing compassion, empathy, and kindness towards oneself and others.

Advantages of investing in the energy of Love

Love is a divine power, which gives you wings to soar to great heights of success. A loving heart is filled with hopes and optimism which enthuses you to look forward to each new day with expectancy for new opportunities. Solutions present themselves when you face your ordeals with hope and courage.

Love, in the purest sense, is the highest energy. The energy of love is rose-pink and fills you with a sense of deep joy and contentment. The beautiful, swirling energy of love renders an invincible protection around your energy-field against all the compelling dark energies which seek to steal your light. 

Choosing love over fear creates a shift in consciousness. It involves cultivating qualities such as forgiveness, acceptance, and gratitude, allowing love to dissolve the barriers that divide us and awaken the unity of spirit. Love can touch the embittered hearts of your enemies and mellow the rancour in them, transforming them into loving, compassionate people. By consciously choosing love, we open ourselves to the possibility of healing, growth, and spiritual transformation.

By being present in the NOW, you are always surrounded with love. NOW is the eternal moment of peace. Fear cannot withstand the dazzling light of the NOW. The favourite haunts of fear are the past and future which are the illusory timelines of your sorrows and uncertainties, respectively.

To rid yourself of your fears, you need to shift into the moment and live mindfully, putting your heart and mind into whatever you are doing, regardless of how menial a task it may be. This little shift is enough to shake yourself free from the icy grip of your fears. The energy of fear is destructive. It can weaken your resistance and break you mentally and emotionally, should you give in to it. This serves no higher purpose. To deal with life’s challenges you need to be strong and resilient enough to withstand the blows of life. Love is the force which empowers you to forge through in life with greater courage and confidence.

Choose love over fear

In any given situation you have the option to either surrender to your predicament out of fear and panic or to stand tall and defy your hurdles with the power of love and peace.

Your happiness depends upon the choice you make. By embracing love, you grant yourself the strength to conquer your difficulties successfully. Fear exerts a debilitating influence on your nervous and endocrine systems, distorting your reasoning and magnifying your challenges, thereby overwhelming you with its enormity and rendering you less capable of efficiently addressing them.

Stand apart from your difficulties and scrutinise these with your heart and mind; be with it with your full conscious awareness without getting caught up in it, until you familiarise yourself with it. All the while, radiate positive thoughts to it. Soothe and comfort the child in you that is overcome with fright, that it is alright, and that there is nothing to be afraid of; there are no monsters in hiding, waiting to pounce on you. Know that that your fears have no power over you; they cannot kill you unless you give them the power to do so by succumbing to them in utter despair.

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It is important to befriend your adversities before they get out of control. As you approach your ordeals with a positive attitude, you will realize that there really is nothing to be afraid of. You will see that the problem just needs to be solved with the quietude of your mind. Then, once it is dealt with, it has vanished.

Avoid holding onto unfavorable circumstances in your life, as this sustains negative energy and perpetuates fears rather than allowing them to fade away. Allow the memories of your ordeals to fade out in the misty past or else they will fester in your being as toxic energy.

Fear of commitment

Some people are happy to be confined to their comfort-zone than having to go through the hassles of making commitments and taking responsibilities in life. Typically, the fear of commitment arises from the anxiety about being tied down by long-term obligations or getting into relationships that might limit your freedom. This fear surfaces in various areas of life, including romantic relationships, career choices, or personal goals.

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Lack of self-confidence, ego issues, uncertainty about the future or fear of falling short of people’s expectations prevent people from making commitments. With your ego at large, you would rather let go of the golden opportunities than experience failure. Hence, you consciously permit your fears to sabotage your chances of success and prosperity, opting to remain stagnant in your comfort zone rather than striving to make your life truly fulfilling.


To choose love over fear allows you to live as a master to self. Your destiny lies in the choices that you make. In choosing love you have everything to gain and nothing to lose – except your ego. Believe in the indefatigable power of Universal Love for it is the only true power which aligns you with the Universal Mind, granting you wisdom, power and strength to navigate through life’s journey with purpose and clarity.



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