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How to See God?

‘’If you want to see God, look in the mirror.’’

Everybody is curious about where and what God is. It is enough to look into the mirror or to look out the window, and look at the sky, or a tree, and you will see God. God is everywhere, in every living and non-living thing. He is in the atoms of energy that spin around so fast to seem real. The energy that is in your arm is made of the same stuff that is in your toaster. And your neighbor. Objects are illusions of energy. He/She/It is the intelligence that created the universe and is connected to everything.

Why are we here?

‘’God created us to experience life through us.’’

We are here to create.

All the living souls on Planet Earth are here to be whatever they want to become. To live this experience fully.

Building healthy spiritual lives on earth in touch with nature can make people feel more secure, grounded, loving. We can choose to become and do anything we dream of.

Why are we here? It is easy to respond to this question if you are in touch with nature and trust it. You trust that anything can happen, but just with the body. The soul is infinite. Like this, you are able to understand why we are here. To experience life, love, cry, and be grateful for all the experiences in life.

We are an aspect of the Source of the Universe living in a human experience on earth. All living beings on this planet, from bugs to people, have a spark of God inside. This means that we can create anything we want in life because we have unlimited energy and light inside of us. The key is to believe and have faith. Acknowledge that even if something unpleasant happens, it comes to teach us something all the time. All the lessons lead us toward a version of ourselves that we get to choose, more loving, compassionate, and kind, or mean and selfish. To experience and choose what and who we want to be.

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