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Is a Better, More Spiritual World Coming?

Spiritual world coming

A Spiritual World

A spiritual world is one in which spirituality is more predominant than materiality. We shall assume that a more spiritual world is better than a less spiritual one, as many would agree, and try to show that the times are changing in such a way that they are definitely making the world more spiritual overall. Our sacred earth is not unaccustomed to maintaining a more spiritually evolved humanity on its surface. Rather, the world has been far more religious and spiritual in the past. Contrary to the linear perception of material and technological progress, the world has been declining in terms of morality and spirituality. We’ll see whether this decline is reversing or continuing.

The possibility of a more spiritual world coming suggests times come again and never remain stagnant. The cyclical nature of ages and the return or repeat of similar conditions is hinted at in the New Testament1: “As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man.

” Christians and Muslims alike are waiting for the return of Jesus Christ (Prophet Isa (as) to (Muslims) and a more spiritual world again. As per a hadith (saying of Prophet Muhammad (uwbp))2 ,we are currently in an era of oppressive rule (mullkan jabriy), but after that will be a time when the prophetic method (khilafah rashidah) will be reapplied, with its emphasis on peace and justice.

However, the Hindu knowledge of yugas (ages) clarifies that we are on an ascending path, not further descent. It anticipates better conditions ahead and confirms the general feeling that a better, more spiritual world is coming. Hindu texts mention four yugas: Satya Yuga (Truthful Age), Treta Yuga (Triadic Age), Dwapara Yuga (Dyadic Age), and Kali Yuga (Dark Age). They correspond to Hesiod’s golden, silver, bronze, and iron ages, respectively. The complete cycle of the yugas is 24,000 years, according to Sri Yukteswra3, which compares with 25,772 years of the precessional equinox. Truthfulness, sincerity, and morality are at their highest or are most widespread in the Satya Yuga.

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The 4 Yugas

The Kali Yuga is the lowest age for virtues, where darkness, strife, misery, vice, and hypocrisy prevail the most. Muslims call it the age of darkness or ignorance (jahilliya). It is the worst age to be in, full of conflict, sin, and materialism. It is generally accepted that the earth is presently in this Kali Yuga, which began around 3,102 BCE after Krishna departed from the world.

4 The Mayan calendar, which started around the same time, in 3,114 BCE, reached the end of its cycle on December 21, 2012, to begin a new one. This might support the view that the next era is overdue. Similarly, the Hopis believe we are living in the final days of the Fourth World5 and that in the fifth (after a global cataclysm), human beings will have greater and higher powers.

Rudolph Steiner believed the Kali Yuga ended earlier in 1900 based on observing that those born after this point in time were markedly different from those born prior to it by being on a higher turn of the evolutionary spiral.6 Sadhguru also claims the Kali Yuga ended, and that we are actually nearing the end of the Dwarpa Yuga. However, it is more likely that it is only ending now.

The Bhavishya Malika by Divya Drishti posits that it will be around the year 2025,7 which fits in with other prophecies. Although some give different durations and the start and end points of each age and cycle, if we accept that a spiritual awakening is strongly underway in the present times, where more people are awakening to spirituality and the spirit world, then we may at least agree that we

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are somewhere along the lower ascending part of the greater cycle. Most likely, we are in the dusk or end period of the dark era. After this, a relatively more spiritual (and less materialistic) world of the ascending Dwarpa Yuga is expected.

Given that knowledge and truth dispel darkness, we can gauge whether and how soon a more spiritual world is coming by examining the growth of knowledge. All prophets, saints, and other genuine spiritual masters work tirelessly to spread knowledge and dispel darkness. As Jesus Christ (as) said, “The true light, which gives light to everyone, [came] into the world” precisely to dispel the great darkness.8 Since then, over the past thousand years, the world has witnessed the Islamic Golden Age and the European Renaissance, both of which contributed immensely to raising man’s intellectual development.

The last two centuries then experienced rapid expansion in knowledge, aided especially by easier access to libraries and education and the use of computers and the internet. But technology per se is only a tool, as it can be used for good or bad purposes. Also, it promotes dependency, whereas spirituality involves developing our own innate powers.

More specifically, we can be assured of a more spiritual world coming by seeing how many people are interested and engaged in spiritual practices, following some or other spiritual path, and awakening to the spiritual realms. The reader may agree that more and more people are aware of spirituality and awakening to the spirit world than before. Whereas many spiritual fraternities had to conceal their activities in previous centuries, it is no longer the case, and there is now a proliferation of spiritual knowledge in books and online.

Spiritual teachings are more openly taught and
discussed, and it is easier to gain spiritual knowledge now. The decline of morality, rise of atheism, prevalence of materialism, etc., in recent decades all suggest an intensification of the decay; that conditions are still deteriorating. However, it is concurrent with the spiritual awakening taking place.

It’s like the interchanging of yin and yang.
The opposites of darkness and light are both present simultaneously, but whereas the darkness is declining rapidly with an amplified struggle to persist, the light, manifesting as spiritual knowledge and awakening, is gaining momentum and expanding rapidly, too. The tipping point may be expected soon.

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Evidence that humanity is close to the threshold required for a rebalancing of the forces and energies in favor of a more spiritual world approaching can also be seen from the frustration and last-ditch attempts by the cabal, i.e., the satanic controllers of society, to hamper or delay the mass spiritual awakening.

Perhaps 2030 is their deadline for a showdown, as they brag about Agenda 2030? Their main tactics are spreading fear, keeping the masses preoccupied with trivial pursuits, and promoting transhumanism. It might seem like the world is being torn apart by conflict, collapsing economies, diseases, food shortages, famines, chaos, etc., but as it is said, “Things get worse before they get better”.

The external world is merely an illusion, and humans, as co-creators, have the potential to shape what transpires. Don’t let fear hold you back, and don’t be overly concerned about the exact transition time or dates, either. As advised in the Holy Bible, “You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed, for such things must happen…”9 Find satisfaction in knowing that a more spiritual world is coming.

The present age of the apocalypse is not leading to a doomsday but disclosures and unveilings. Good changes happen when old and failed systems expire and new ones emerge with greater sincerity and cooperation. Even if we don’t make it to the more spiritually evolved sacred earth, we can at least play our part in laying its foundations.

External conditions reflect what is happening internally, so that’s where the actual spiritual battle is. The more the people turn inward, become familiar with the spiritual realms, and connect with God, the sooner we can reach and move beyond the threshold collectively and hasten the end of the Kali Yuga. Living more spiritually fulfilling lives, using encouraging spiritual words, and giving words of spiritual inspiration may suffice, but informing, teaching, and guiding others could help to bring about a more spiritual world sooner. Then, it’s only a matter of time before humanity will be firmly on the path to an overall more spiritual world.


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