After losing my mother, father, and sister when I was a child, I had not experienced a mother’s love. When I was three years, I lost my mother and it took a toll on me, and that made me crave for love my entire life. I grew up with three half-sisters and my step-mother, but I always felt alone. In a room full of people, I still felt lonely. And of course Gods love was nowhere to be found. My time was always spent locked up in my room. I distanced myself from my family.

Growing up, I always looked for love in the world. When I found the love, I gave out more than I received. I went an extra mile in relationships because I was afraid of rejection. As Lauren Eden. Said, ‘If you were not fed love on a spoon, you would always lick it off knives.’ Of course, I only got temporary love from the world, which did not last. I got into a relationship where they treated me like crap, and worse of it all, I begged to stay in the relationship because I was willing to choose pain as long as it was linked to love.

The world didn’t give me the love I craved. All It did was leave me hollow and desperate for more attention. I was tired of disappointment after disappointment, and my spirit couldn’t take anymore, and that is when I came into an encounter with my creator, when I had lost all hope. As I was crying on the floor, I realized that the world could not satisfy my deepest desires, and I turned to my creator.


Since God created us in His image, we all have a little piece of God in us, and when life pushes us to the wall, we turn to a power higher than us. When I was in my darkest pit, I remembered a higher power than me, than my problems, and I knelt and said a little prayer.

My relationship was in shambles; my business was going down the drain. Even when I was on my knees, I prayed for God to fix my current life because I did not want to give it up; I did not want to give up my control. That is not how God works. Spirituality is more about letting go rather than gaining.

After fighting for so long, I finally decided to lay all my burdens to the Almighty. I completely surrendered. The idea that I had about my relationship and business, I let it go. I was willing to let God take control, I mean, I had tried to control it myself, and it almost took me to the grave, so I let the perfect designer design my life the way He so pleased. It was the best decision I ever did.

Think about God

When we think about God, we think about power bigger than us, a power outside us; whether you are Christian, Muslim, or Buddhist, we all were created with a need to be loved, a hole that craves for love, GOD created us in such a way so that we would need Him and only Him to fill the hole that we have in us.

When we think about surrendering, we think about giving away our power, which is hard for most people, including me. We always want to be in control and plan the day, week, month–which is not bad, but how do you know what will happen in the next five minutes? No matter what happens, even if we don’t agree to it. We never know what will happen in the next five seconds. We set that alarm clock by hope, hopes that we will make it tomorrow. The truth is there is a higher power controlling our fate.

Gods Love

God gave us free will to choose but He is still in charge. God created us and everything on earth. He knows us more than we know ourselves, so even though we have been given free will, let’s choose to let God control our life. As I was journaling my thoughts. I acknowledged that I was ready to give up control and the idea of my relationship, my life, and my business. I was ready for God to give me everything he desired.

As I was crying on my bed, I felt an overpowering presence. I cannot describe; this feeling was so powerful I could feel His love. I knew that no matter the situation, I was confident that He would go through it with me; I realized that God is love. He loves us, and He created us in his image. His plan for us is not to suffer; he wants us to need Him so he can fulfill his perfect will for us. We don’t need to be perfect with God, but we need to be true with Him, tell Him when you are hurting, be upfront and honest with Him. He is not after perfection He is after the truth.

God is not responsible for everything in this world, but He always intervenes to mitigate or remedy the situation. I understand even in situations that I feel He did not remedy; He didn’t change the situation; He changed my perception of how I reacted to the situation as Marianne Williamson says, ”a miracle is a shift in perspective.”

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ABCs of Finding Happiness Through Religion

Finding Happiness Through Religion.


What’s 2+2? Well ,it’s simple – 4. Now suppose you have to do a very complex calculation that involves division , multiplication , addition , averaging etc. In that calculation , the first step is to calculate 2 + 2 . By mistake, due to inattention you evaluate it to 5 and use this result to compute the rest of the calculation. What will happen? The final result will be wrong because you started with wrong calculation. Similarly, we are trying to find happiness in this world through varieties of activities but all our attempts are ending up in futility.

The reason is simple  – we are misidentifying ourselves – we are living with a false sense of identity. In Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna informs that our real identity is soul. Hence, I am not this body, I am soul. We wrongly identify ourselves as body or mind but in fact we are spirit souls.

Not only Gita claims it, but The Bible, The Quran and other religious scriptures also confirm this fact. There have been much scientific research confirming the existence of soul. This knowledge of knowing one’s real identity as real soul is the first step to enter into spiritual life.

Now knowing one’s identity as soul is not sufficient enough to quench our thirst for happiness. We need to know even more. All the scriptures present in any religion are given to mankind for the sole purpose of understanding God and how to reconnect with him. As stated earlier, our real identity is we are not this body but soul. To complete it, we are parts and parcels of supreme soul and supreme father called God. We are His servants and our real position is to eternally love Him and serve Him uninterruptedly and unselfishly. Therefore in short, all the scriptures teach these four essential and common principles

(a) We are not this body but spirit soul

  • We are part and parcels of Supreme soul God
  • Our real position is to love and serve him unconditionally
  • You can be happy spiritually by re-establishing your real position with God


Now the path of spirituality is very clear from all these statements. In order to be happy in our lives, we must start incorporating spiritual component in our lives. These spiritual components should help to teach how we can identify ourselves as soul, how we can realize God and how we can re-establish our relationship with him.


Following is a simple ABCDE formula that helps you to add spirituality in our daily lives. This formula if followed sincerely will help you to begin your journey on spiritualty and you will feel a very different kind of bliss and happiness that you most likely for most have never experienced so far.

In order to crack any exam, an association of like-minded competitive students is required. Since they have a fire of enthusiasm and determination to pass the exam, and since we all have those same qualities within us, we get inspiration and strength from like-minded people to ace the exam. In the business world we find such institutions as the stock exchange and chamber of commerce. Association with those engaged in a similar line of business is very conducive to advancement in that business.

We can associate with our friends , relatives or colleagues who are spiritually minded like us. If there is dearth of such association , then in this era of 5G you can google and associate with spiritual minded people online. Now in this age of internet , no one can stop you to talk to anyone anywhere around the globe. At the same time , care should be taken to avoid association of people who are too much narrow-minded , negative and have criticizing thoughts and attitudes so that we can avoid being affected. It’s important to learn association as well as disassociation also.


associations, then in this era of 5G we can find  can google and associate with spiritual minded people online. Now in this age of internet , no one can stop you from talking to anyone anywhere around the globe. At the same time, care should be taken to avoid association of people who are too narrow-minded , negative and have criticizing thoughts and attitudes so that we can avoid getting affected. It’s important to learn association as well as disassociation also.
exchanges with similar groups such as   chambers of commerce, associations with similar goals and in a similar line of business is very conducive for advancement in that business. We can associate with our friends, relatives or colleagues who are spiritually minded like us. If there is a dearth of such assoc, no and have criticizing thoughts and attitudes so that we can avoid being affected. It’s important to learn association as well as disassociation also.


The root cause of our suffering is ignorance or in other words lack of knowledge. Since we do not know the path of pursuing happiness, we concoct our own plans and get frustrated at the end. Hence , it’s very important for us to know about the correct way of leading life. Just as doctors prescribe medicine and suggest we avoid certain things for our quick recovery from disease, similar from this state of unhappy diseased condition we need to know Do’s and Don’ts for our speedy recovery. These Do’s and Don’ts knowledge are vividly described in scriptures of all religions. One can search for such authentic literature , read it regularly , strengthen his intelligence and can very easily avoid falling prey to bad and forbidden activities.

B – Book Reading

we need to know Do’s and Don’ts for our speedy recovery. These Do’s and Don’ts are vividly described in the scriptures of all religions. One can search for such authentic literature, read it regularly, strengthen one’s  intelligence and can very easily avoid falling prey to vices and forbidden activities.


Chanting the name or names of God is described as the topmost spiritual activity in many religions. It’s said it is the most sublime activity and the soul’s most joyous proclivity. Simply by chanting the names of God , one can very easily feel the presence of God. One gets a huge relief from mental stress and anxiety. You may chant the names of Krishna  or Allah or Jehovah, it’s your choice. Nothing is required to pay for chanting and you can chant at any time. However , it’s usually recommended to chant in the morning hours as the mind is very receptive and calm during that time.

C – Chanting


D – Diet

The best kind of food that aligns with the spiritual principles is vegetarian food. Meat is obtain by killing animals and other creatures.  We do not have the right to kill other living entities. There are a ton of plant made meat tasting alternatives in every supermarket these days. And they are delicious.  From beef, to meatballs, to fish, chicken, shrimp and duck, almost everything is available. Asian supermarkets also have a variety of fake meats. And if that doesn’t do it, if a person is a chain smoker and smokes 100 cigarettes per day, the doctor advises him to smoke 50 per day. In this manner, he is not encouraging him to smoke but at the same time helping him to reduce the addiction and finally make it nil.


There is a well-known saying, “You are what you eat,” or  “As you eat, so shall you think. ”  Our food has three important components. The first component give you physical strength require, the second component is thrown out as waste products in the form of stool , urine , sweat etc. and the third component shapes your consciousness. It means the kind of food you eat decides your thinking, feeling, willing and actions.

An argument may still be give that vegetarian food also cause harm to plants and trees, so isn’t it sinful? The answer is yes. That’s why we must offer our food first to God and give thanks. In return, God removes the sin incurred in the process of preparing food.  This expression of gratitude towards God helps us to realize his hand and mercy in our lives.

E – Engagement

It’s a well-known fact that an “Idle Mind is the Devil’s Workshop”. As we discussed earlier, our real identity is that of soul. It is soul cannot be inactive even for a moment. The world around us is fill with magnificent buildings, gadgets, technologies and inventions created by man and it is due to his propensity to serve. All of us are serving someone or something in some way. If anyone says I am completely independent and not serving anyone, he must be at least serving his belly. Since our activities are currently direct towards satisfying our desires and plans, that’s why it’s frustrating and pain producing at the end.

Instead we simply try to satisfy the desires and plans of God coming through his scriptures and his bonafide representatives, we will always be happy and blissful in that service. If we make plans and engagements like how to spread knowledge about God , how to bring peace and happiness in other lives and so forth. We will flood with happiness in our lives. If you plan how to make others happy, God will make plan how to keep you happy. That’s one of the purpose of this website where we try to enlighten and motivate people to search for true happiness in their lives. Therefore , it’s very important for ourselves to positive engaged rather than be engage by our devil mind that always plans to devour us.

This is a simple formula accepting which we will definitely see transformation in our lives within just a few days. One may still question – Will I have time to do all these things ? How will I manage it all with my job, family  and other responsibilities? As far as time is concerned , we need to think how much time I waste daily in non-productive things. Can’t I take out some time to reform myself? Can’t I change the direction of my life from today onwards so that I will happy in the long run? And yes, we have other responsibilities and we need to attend to them but if we want to properly and efficiently fulfill our responsibilities, we must plan and undertake this spiritual responsibility. Spiritual responsibility is never a burden but always a gain and that’s never a mistake.


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Who is God? Story of an ex-sinner’s search, Part 1

Hello. My name is Jim.

“Hello Jim!” You all shout.

“And I am a sinner.” Or everyone in church said I was, anyway.

This is how I became an ex-sinner.

We have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

I can agree with the last part. How can any human understand God and therefore act less than God about the universe?

I mean He built it. She created all of it and when we talk to Him, he hears us. Every time.

Except when we don’t get what we asked for.

He is a loving, kind God, but He is also a vengeful jealous God. Huh? Sounds like my neighbor’s grandfather.

What is with all these human characteristics on God

A story about god, something we have a hard time imagining – something that created all of us and all there is and all the laws of the universe, is like my neighbor’s grandfather? He confounds great human minds such as Einstein until Einstein could only theorize a part of what God did.

This Great Creator is as moody as that grandfather next door, who po-pos his scruffy dog, and condemns the dog walkers to hell if their dog pisses on his lawn?

Now the Bible seems to say to me thou shalt not judge. It is about forgiving and love and non-judgement. That’s the New Testament, anyway. The Old Testament, well, flip the script, as they say.

So how can a newborn baby be a sinner? And who are we to judge anyway? No, something isn’t clicking. Something is wrong here.

And something is wrong in so many places. It does not make sense. God gives us free will then says if you do the wrong thing you will go to hell for eternity.

What was the problem??

This was the problem I had regarding God as I was growing up. I got so many answers from so many people and they all contradicted each other. Who is God?

No matter who I asked I heard similar BS logic trying to sound rational. I asked church elders and soon as I heard, “Hmmm, that’s a very good question young man. Well, ….”    I knew they ain’t got a clue.

So I was frustrated with God and getting worse so I quit. I needed a break. So I stopped asking.

Years went by and I thought I was able to maintain some sanity.

A classmate asked be if I believed in God and that God is real.

I asked him how does he know?

He replied it says so.

I asked, “Where?”

In the Bible.

I smiled, said bye and left. I didn’t want to hear anymore.

Years passed. Maybe decades. Maybe God is real, maybe not, but thinking about it seemed an exercise in frustration.

So no more who is God or is God alive questions. My mind went on vacation regarding the subject.

But God doesn’t give up on us so easily it seems. Even if we give up on Him, he is a stubborn creator. He bided His time. He is pretty wise for an old guy. I guess He naturally has to be.

Then He saw His chance. A chance to impart some wisdom into the mixed up tired mind of someone He knew still wanted answers, no matter what I told myself.

So I found myself in a thrift store, and found a book of cassette tapes called Conversations with God. Thought sh%$. I sighed as I read on the cover about what was inside. Liked what I read and forked over the hard-earned cash I had ear-marked for a fat Jack in the Box or In n Out burger.

I put the first tape in my tape deck and reluctantly pushed play. It played not what I was used to hearing when it came to Biblical things. It said crazy blasphemous things that I was going to go to Hell for eternity for even buying. And crazy stuff, like Hitler isn’t in Hell, and no, babies are not born in sin.

OMG. I played and played and played those tapes for as long as my cassette player would play them. I loved it. Some of it I wanted to disagree with because it was not what I was taught, but most of all, it all made sense.

By the way, now I can listen to everything the author Neale Donald Walsh says on YouTube. It seems he had similar frustrations as I did, in the beginning.

OK, so there is a God, probably.

And other things started to happen in the years ahead.

I noticed there was a meditation class at a nearby Buddhist temple.

So I went to see if they could teach my attention deficit self how to meditate.

The greatest spiritual person I have ever met.

Was it an accident or coincidence that I found myself in the first meeting with a young monk who spoke no English in a class with Americans who spoke no Chinese and an interpreter in between.

The monk spoke a sentence in Chinese and the interpreter carefully said, “Does anyone know why we meditate?”

I could read the mood of the room because I was one of them. I thought a moment searching for the most profound sounding reason I could state publicly (By the way, “profound sounding” – I became like the church elders I ran away from).

The profound reasons that flowed like honey out of that room gave flies on the wall a sugar high. Everyone sounded like a poet.

After the translator finished, the Monk shook his head and said something the interpreter rephrased as, “No. You are all wrong.” The room fell still.

“We meditate so we don’t have to come back here.”

What? How simple, How direct, How un-human, How un-pass the collection plates.

A religious person not interested in money or growing his followers and who seems only interested in helping people in their spiritual journey and progress. I love it.

What unusual, How special, How unselfish, How long will this temple allow him to teach here?

Well, all of that was true, even the last question and he lasted just a few years. He had to leave, but fortunately some wealthy followers also appreciated his uniqueness and sponsored him in a rented house until now he is at a new temple. Reminds me of another teacher who got into trouble with the elders by stirring the pot of selflessness.

Something else about that monk, Wei Shi I think his name is, and someone told me it meant from the East, but he enjoyed life. He always looked to be wearing a smile. Most people might think he had nothing – just the robes on his back, but none of the luxuries most normal people desire. He is what I should be – content appreciating this life.

He joked also. Want to hear a Monk’s joke?

One time in China a long time ago a pretty young girl was on her way to get water from a stream.

A young man was there sitting by the road. When he saw her he jumped up and ran next to her and told her she is the prettiest girl he has ever seen.

She giggled.

He told her no, it is true. You are gorgeous. I am in love. I want to live with you forever and ever.

She giggled some more. Then said, “Well, if you think I am the most beautiful you have ever seen, then you should see my sister, who is just over there.”

She nods behind her. He looks.

She gathers her pale and starts walking away.

The boy looks back to her and asks, “Hey, where are you going? I am in love with you.”

She asks him, “If I am the most beautiful you have ever seen and you love me, why did you look for my sister?”

And she walked away, to live happily ever after. Smart girl. Smart Monk.

A glimpse at realization:

Something else happened to me in that meditation class. It came out of nowhere, lasted less than a millisecond, was there and gone and never came back. It seems very small but was actually huge as the sea.

I was meditating for two years there, and that means I and the others sat on a pillow in the basement of the temple for an hour and a half with our eyes closed.

After two years of this I was getting kind of antsy waiting for something to happen. That Sunday was like every other Meditation Sunday. “OK. Meditate,” came from the translator and we all closed our eyes.

But something burned through my mind halfway through class and without warning.

I felt, and I knew from every atom in my body and in the universe knew, though it probably didn’t care I knew, for a split second I realized that I, or my body, was made of the same stuff that the huge wooden support beam near me holding up that building was. I was the same, and we both are one connected to the universe.

It doesn’t sound like much, I mean the heavens never opened up and no voices came out of heaven. But there it was. A tiny fraction of the tiniest tiny thing in the universe, something I could call a splinter of a molecule of enlightenment landed on my head like a boulder.

I wish I could say I started acting and thinking like an awakened spirit, but no. Except for the wow I feel when I remember it, no.

Regardless of religion, this was an metaphysical occurance that is open, I am sure, to anyone and everyone seeking this path to understanding.

There is more coming in Part 2. For now, let me give you a rest and an opportunity to think about what has happened to me, and can happen to anyone who asks for it, for I have no doubt a part of me asked for it all.

Reverand Lee and the readings

Sai Baba, Darshans and Kyle

TV and vegetarian

Love and Max and the world

Starting this website

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Can Money Make You Happy?

Yes, money can make you happy.

Of course it can.

Anyone who says it doesn’t has never needed money.

But what happens when you need money again and don’t have it? Unhappiness. Fear. Stress.

So it can, and then it may not for long.

But to say is does not is not accurate. It certainly does. It takes away the immediate issues when we think we have a lack of something we think we need. Or go on a shopping spree. Or fly to Hawaii. Give it to the needy. Whatever.

But after Hawaii you have to go home. Back to traffic, kids, job, reality.

Is there a way to live happy without money or outside things?

Sure. And you don’t have to live like a monk. But it helps if you do know how they think.

And Godsyou not talking about stupid happy all the time. Though that is a worthy goal. I mean how do you want to spend your time on earth? Happy or miserable?

Now bad things happen to everyone and at the worst time. “Rocky” said nothing hits as hard as life, “It will knock you down and keep you down if you let it.” So feeling sad when bad things happen seems natural. To let it ruin your happiness constantly is not.

I am talking about being able to maintain your happiness levels higher, even to have a more positive way of moving through life than what you had before you looked at this website. To be able to return to a happiness level anytime you want.

Monks are able to stay calm through it all. They do not have it easy.

We all know or have heard of poor people who are happy and dance about being happy. And there are rich who are always miserable and looking for ways to cheat to make more money and then are still miserable.

Spend some time thinking about Happiness:

After some time thinking about happiness, first I know it is not something you chase, for it will run away. Happiness is something that comes to you like a butterfly landing on your finger.

And the goal is once you find happiness, to remember how you got to that point and make it your usual place to stay. To raise the happiness level higher so you can be happy more often and wild circumstances can not way you as much as before.

This in fact could be a morning ritual – to take a few minutes and reflect on your feelings and bring that core level up. Every morning consider life and appreciate what you can of it and what comes your way.

What is happiness? I can find happiness, It is different for everyone. But for me, what works is I have an appreciation of my life, and nature, and all the things that come to me and will keep arriving, to not worry so much about things I can not control, to help others if I can, to not allow fear to control my life and Money Make You Happy.

And from the philosophers, including friends, family and the famous ones on YouTube I learned to not expect anything, to work toward your goal and when finished, let the results go and make your happiness. Leave it to fate to decide and start working on my next goal.

Enjoy Every moment

Live in the moment of now for a time. Just try it and you will see all you miss every moment that we are surrounded by. Everything we miss.  The sunshine, the fresh air, the colors of the fall season, winter, summer and spring, the taste of your favorite foods, conversations with your favorite people, the accomplishments of your family and friends, a job well done, the magic of the a spider building a strong, mathematically impossible structure called a web.

YouTube has videos by Eckhart on Living in the Now and has changed everything for me. His videos and his books.

By the way, ever heard the phrase of when the student is ready the teacher will appear? He has to me many times. If you are sincere and ask, He or She will pop out of nowhere. On tv, in the newspaper, radio, from a friend, from shopping in a store, the info you seek will be found. Works for me.

Why does my happiness come and go so easily?

I don’t know you so I can only guess. It could be chemical, or it could be that you let things outside yourself dictate your happiness, and the way to avoid that is to recognize that happiness is a choice and it is inside you, and your brain, not outside. Of course outside things can and do make people unhappy constantly.

It is hard to be happy with a toothache or if someone hit your car or a mate cheats on you. But after the calamity has happened it is still your choice to go back to a positive happy state or a miserable state. You set the thermometer of your life inside.

That is by having no expectations, living in only this moment for a while and really seeing all that is going on around you, appreciating all that you have and will have, and studying all the things to be happy, love and being thankful for them.

Everyone want to know “how can i make money in life and how can we get happiness”. Read this blog it help you allot.


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