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Protecting Yourself from Spiritual Scams: Unveiling the Exploitation of Psychic Culture


Starting a spiritual journey can be a life-changing experience that offers self-reflection and development opportunities. The spiritual world is not immune to negative energy and dishonest people, so pursuing this path with caution and discernment is crucial. Even while the cosmos does not intentionally try to trick us, some individuals might prey on the gullibility and trust of those who are brand-new to spirituality.

To equip you to navigate the spiritual world safely and authentically, the article highlights frequent hazards and offers advice on safeguarding oneself. You may protect your spiritual path from dangerous pitfalls and harmful influences by growing awareness, believing in your intuition, and adopting a discerning attitude.

How does this scam work?

In the area of psychic and clairvoyant fraud, con artists use a variety of strategies to trick the unwary. They may contact you by mail, email, phone, or even in person, promising alluring prophecies of happy future occurrences or playing on your concerns by stating that you are in danger. Their ultimate objective is to deceive you into parting with money.

These con artists can assist in winning lottery numbers, a fortunate charm, lifting a curse or jinx, or a promise of continued protection. They do have a catch, though; they charge a fee in exchange for their aid. Some con artists may employ threats if you don’t agree, saying they’ll bring a curse or bad luck upon you.

Another typical strategy is convincing you to buy a fortunate charm or the key to financial success. Unfortunately, you can get nothing or a useless item in exchange when you pay. Alternatively, the Scammer can deceive you by falsely foretelling an upcoming event and promising to shield you from it in return for regular payments.

Social media is a prime hunting ground for scammers. I know of one well known spiritualist whose account was stolen and had someone pretend to be her offering services. The trick was she contacted me so I felt something was wrong and I contacted the spiritualist on Tiktok directly and she said there was nothing that can stop them. It happens often.

I have also received the “I felt the need to give you a reading,” etc. scam. It is good to be cautious when donations to unknown untested individuals at the end of a wire are involved. They can make it sound like we are donating for God’s benefit. God doesn’t need your money. There are authentic readers who do offer genuine helpful services.

Most Common Warning Signs:

Spiritual Scams | It is essential to be aware of the most typical red flags that may point to a scam before hiring a psychic:

  • Scammers may approach you and offer psychic readings or services out of the blue. As an alternative, fraudsters might impersonate a genuine psychic and fool unsuspecting people with their qualifications and images. When contacted by someone providing psychic services, be careful and double-check the communication source.
  • Psychics who predict outcomes, such as improved health, a financial windfall, or a new romantic connection, should be avoided. Genuine psychics know they cannot predict the future and have no influence over outside events.
  • Scammers frequently continue their plan by coming up with new challenges or problems in their life for which they offer a remedy in exchange for money. They take advantage of your weaknesses and frighten you into giving them money.
  • Psychics that utilize fear as a manipulative tool should be avoided. They might threaten to harm you or your loved ones if you refuse to pay them for their services. Legitimate psychics do not employ these fear-based tactics.

How to protect yourself from this scam?

Here are 6 of the most typical types of spiritual scams you should watch out for on your path:

1. Red indicators of social media fraud that you should be aware of

It’s critical to be aware of the warning signs of potential scams in social media. On websites like Instagram or TikTok, it is too simple to be seduced by the expertly constructed picture of an all-knowing guru gazing into your eyes with a magical appeal. Before trusting a digital oracle decorated with Native-themed objects and pictures, consider a few things.

First and foremost, it’s important to comprehend that wearing ceremonial objects shouldn’t be done to advance one’s social status. A spirit of modesty accompanies true ceremonial knowledge. Exercise caution if someone frequently displays oneself while wearing dreamcatchers, feathers, or sage to advertise their goods or services. Constantly employing these things as photo props is nothing more than a gimmick intended to give the impression that you have real Native knowledge.

2. I feel “drawn” to you

This particular spiritual fraud is very common. You receive a call from someone claiming to be ‘attracted’ to you and able to assist you on your spiritual path. Don’t be fooled by it! This is a ruse to seize your interest and, eventually, your money. Many trustworthy healers can assist, but run the other way if someone says they are ‘attracted’ to you.

3. Stay away from deals that seem too good to be true.

It’s usually true if something sounds too wonderful to be true. You cannot anticipate paying $1 or even $5 for a psychic reading. These are predatory sales techniques designed to entice you and steal your cash. If you choose a specific advisor, you must know their actual rate.

4. Unexpected communication from a priest

Another spiritual scam that should be avoided is this one.

Someone will contact you and offer to execute a religious ceremony or rite for you, saying they are a priest or ordained minister. They might even offer to bless you, but only after you give them money. This is just a con, nothing more! Never send money to someone who emails you and claims to have direct access to the supernatural and can bestow a blessing on you.

5. Say no if they ask you to do anything.

Avoid doing this when a fake psychic asks if you want to hold something representing you. This is typically done so that any “energy” or signal the person receives can be transferred and altered through the object before it is transmitted to you. It might also be their technique of preventing tampering with the tools they utilize or distorting your perception of their offerings.

6. They Lead You to Question Your Instinct

If a psychic advises you that you’re not making the best decision, they can be trying to manipulate your perception. You are the only one who truly understands what is best for you. Most consultants will leave it up to you and advise on how to proceed.

Extra protection – by the way, if you ever suspect someone or something is psychically messing with you or could there is at least one way to stop them. Imagine you are in the center of a glowing white egg filled with light and protected from harm and imagine whatever attacks come to you will bounce back to the attacker 100 times harder. Has worked for me.

Bottom Line

Doing research is the most effective way to safeguard yourself against falling prey to fraudulent spiritual practices. Trust your instincts – it usually isn’t if something feels wrong. Read reviews, inquire around in reliable communities, and do your research.