Why can’t we see God?

Why can’t we see God? Einstein said that ‘’Matter is just energy, atoms spinning so fast that it can appear, on this earthly stage, to be real and solid. Your car, hands, body, and pet are energy—a kind of trick. Your soul is something else. Everything else can rust away, but our souls can last for a long time – until they join with God.’’

Why can’t we see god?

  1. Many people wonder, “Why can’t we see God?” this is a question that has been asked for centuries.
  2. There are different theories and beliefs about why we can’t see God, but no one really knows for sure.

Look Deeper

If we look deeper here, we see that we will all return back to where we came from because everything else is just energy, atoms, and God is infinite; you can not see something that has no matter.

God is everywhere and in every living being. We are a reflection of the Creator, and we are here to live and experience life to the fullest, without fears and believing in our powers. Some argue that why we can’t see God because God is beyond the physical world, while others believe that God reveals himself in different ways that may not be visible to our physical eyes.

Sometimes we forget that we are here to live without worries because we are too focused on the material plane to make money, survive, and work. In this case, we just exist without living. Or live without existing. But what we need to remember each day is that we need love, attention, and kindness in our lives.

So we can give each day these vibrations to ourselves. We need to love and appreciate our bodies, learning to share more compassion with the people around us. In this way, we will be able to see that God is everywhere around us – in a tree, in the water, in the air that we breathe and keep us alive, in every insect, in the sky, and the earth.

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