Can Money Make You Happy?

Yes, money can make you happy.

Of course it can.

Anyone who says it doesn’t has never needed money.

But what happens when you need money again and don’t have it? Unhappiness. Fear. Stress.

So it can, and then it may not for long.

But to say is does not is not accurate. It certainly does. It takes away the immediate issues when we think we have a lack of something we think we need. Or go on a shopping spree. Or fly to Hawaii. Give it to the needy. Whatever.

But after Hawaii you have to go home. Back to traffic, kids, job, reality.

Is there a way to live happy without money or outside things?

Sure. And you don’t have to live like a monk. But it helps if you do know how they think.

And Godsyou not talking about stupid happy all the time. Though that is a worthy goal. I mean how do you want to spend your time on earth? Happy or miserable?

Now bad things happen to everyone and at the worst time. “Rocky” said nothing hits as hard as life, “It will knock you down and keep you down if you let it.” So feeling sad when bad things happen seems natural. To let it ruin your happiness constantly is not.

I am talking about being able to maintain your happiness levels higher, even to have a more positive way of moving through life than what you had before you looked at this website. To be able to return to a happiness level anytime you want.

Monks are able to stay calm through it all. They do not have it easy.

We all know or have heard of poor people who are happy and dance about being happy. And there are rich who are always miserable and looking for ways to cheat to make more money and then are still miserable.

Spend some time thinking about Happiness:

After some time thinking about happiness, first I know it is not something you chase, for it will run away. Happiness is something that comes to you like a butterfly landing on your finger.

And the goal is once you find happiness, to remember how you got to that point and make it your usual place to stay. To raise the happiness level higher so you can be happy more often and wild circumstances can not way you as much as before.

This in fact could be a morning ritual – to take a few minutes and reflect on your feelings and bring that core level up. Every morning consider life and appreciate what you can of it and what comes your way.

What is happiness? I can find happiness, It is different for everyone. But for me, what works is I have an appreciation of my life, and nature, and all the things that come to me and will keep arriving, to not worry so much about things I can not control, to help others if I can, to not allow fear to control my life and Money Make You Happy.

And from the philosophers, including friends, family and the famous ones on YouTube I learned to not expect anything, to work toward your goal and when finished, let the results go and make your happiness. Leave it to fate to decide and start working on my next goal.

Enjoy Every moment

Live in the moment of now for a time. Just try it and you will see all you miss every moment that we are surrounded by. Everything we miss.  The sunshine, the fresh air, the colors of the fall season, winter, summer and spring, the taste of your favorite foods, conversations with your favorite people, the accomplishments of your family and friends, a job well done, the magic of the a spider building a strong, mathematically impossible structure called a web.

YouTube has videos by Eckhart on Living in the Now and has changed everything for me. His videos and his books.

By the way, ever heard the phrase of when the student is ready the teacher will appear? He has to me many times. If you are sincere and ask, He or She will pop out of nowhere. On tv, in the newspaper, radio, from a friend, from shopping in a store, the info you seek will be found. Works for me.

Why does my happiness come and go so easily?

I don’t know you so I can only guess. It could be chemical, or it could be that you let things outside yourself dictate your happiness, and the way to avoid that is to recognize that happiness is a choice and it is inside you, and your brain, not outside. Of course outside things can and do make people unhappy constantly.

It is hard to be happy with a toothache or if someone hit your car or a mate cheats on you. But after the calamity has happened it is still your choice to go back to a positive happy state or a miserable state. You set the thermometer of your life inside.

That is by having no expectations, living in only this moment for a while and really seeing all that is going on around you, appreciating all that you have and will have, and studying all the things to be happy, love and being thankful for them.

Everyone want to know “how can i make money in life and how can we get happiness”. Read this blog it help you allot.


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