Connecting with the Angels Made Easy: How to See, Hear and Feel Your Angels


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Discover how to Connecting with the Angels Made Easy, boost your intuition and receive powerful guidance, divine support and lifelong healing.

One of the most sought-after angel experts in the UK is Kyle Gray. At the infant age of four, he found his spiritual gift. He now devotes his life to assisting others in tuning in to their own intuitive abilities. In this book, Kyle shows readers how to communicate with Connecting with the Angels Made Easy  and invite their heavenly, benevolent presence into all facets of their lives for significant changes.

You will learn:

– how to establish a connection with your personal guardian angel

– how to perceive, hear, and sense the presence of angels

– how to approach angels and ask for their assistance

– how to understand messages from angels and to fully rely on their advice

– the various kinds of angels and their functions in various spheres of your life

Earlier versions of this title appeared under the title Angels (Hay House Basics series).

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