Jesus never died for your sins.

A happy, smiling baby lies on their stomach, partially covered with a soft, blue towel that has a hood featuring a cute bear face. The baby looks content and cozy, with a light, fluffy pillow and a soft background indicating a comfortable setting.

What if there is no judgement? What if hell is a myth meant to control?

How could a new-born be born in sin? If we follow just the words out of Jesus’ mouth He never said He came to save anyone from hell. When I follow only those words of love and compassion it all makes sense. But when I listen to preachers misinterpret the Bible I am lost in confusion and them trying to make sense of it makes it worse.

What if Jesus came to teach us about the metaphysical universe and that there is life after death and to demonstrate that the love He gave by example, by giving his life in order for us to see the light, is the greatest example of love for each other that there can be?

We all knew, since we were born with the spirit connection to everything, we felt the truth and it is time that we stop listening to these people who may use the word God for their purposes and often seem  to behave in ways far from godly or righteous. It is time for each of us to stop listening to the ignorant and search for the God that is inside each of us for the truth. Stop listening to others and ask within. Become the free spirit you are meant to be. Fly high above. 

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