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My Best Friend God !!

Why it is OK to question the Bible:

A loving compassionate all knowing God would welcome questions for they lead to greater understanding. So ask away without fear of a judging angry God. God is love. There is no hell, but there is a state of consciousness that could be thought of as that. A lower vibration understanding and reaction to earthly events. Heaven could be considered the higher spiritual understanding. But we may have one big difference in opinions. I do not believe there is a fire and brimstone hell as in the scriptures. And I do not believe there is judgment except by ourselves for ourselves and that can lead to a hell of consciousness. I base my understanding on several things. Not just the one scripture.

1. There is the idea that the Bible and other scriptures were taken from transcripts from long before even Greek stories. That would make it more of a myth and just stories designed to make points and guide people or control them.

2. The God in the Bible is presented with many human characteristics including faults like jealousy and petty revenge etc. These are human qualities and in places, it seems clear the powerful leaders in the society that wrote these books are talking from self-interest. For example, talking about how slaves should always listen to their masters. God and the spirit worlds are not human with human financial incentives. There are many vibrations up from us.

3. The scriptures have many inconsistencies which goes directly against the idea that God never changes. The old testaments and new ones are completely different. And the words from Jesus’ mouth are all about love and compassion while much else is about killing and revenge.

4. The volumes of stories from those near-death experiences describe death as being something to not fear and more like coming home to love and light. People go through a life review but without judgment. And not just from them. All psychics also know what is going on as many communicate with the other worlds constantly.

5. Jesus never said he came to earth to save our souls from hell. Others said that. He was all about love and compassion. Something rarely pushed in churches. The fear of God has been used by those in power to keep power and justify the horrible things they have done to those original natives who had the misfortune to be saved by those evangelical idiots while most tribes had a better understanding of nature and the universe and the great spirit than those bent on enslaving them.

6. The whole religious idea makes no sense and arguments fall apart whenever examined and considered with an unbiased unafraid clear-thinking mind. Organized religion is in several ways just brainwashing based on fear. But it starts to make sense if we start to see that maybe this life experience was created so God can experience what He is through us – his creations. That He made us from love. That love is the most important aspect. All the judgment stuff is just human.

I do not want to argue with the churches’ generations of teachings. But sometimes such as with you, I want to tell the truth. And yes you can say it is my opinion. But it is not. A dog can be with humans and eat with them and play with them until they think they are human and tell other dogs they are human. But no matter how much screaming they do, the reality is there is a God we are all part of but it is not the childish egotistical ass in the Bible that I would not want to be a child of and will never worship. But give me the sunshine and the beaches and let me praise Him for this life He gave me.


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