How can I have a happy life?

True Spirituality is Happiness – the feeling worth searching for. Sometimes we look for this happiness in the external world, and we become very unhappy with our lives. The truth is that happiness comes from within. You will not find it in people, material things, or vacations. You can find happiness just if you learn to look into yourself and live in the present moment as much as you can. Have the faith that each second of your life is a work of art, be grateful for every little thing that surrounds you, and try to let this modern spirituality teach you how to evolve. This way you will have a happy life.

Another important thing about happiness is that it can be found just if you do not expect anything from anyone. You are just blocking yourself with those millions of anticipations because you wish something all the time. If the Universe wants to give you something, or more, you are just blocking it with the things you think you want or need.

So, if you want a happy and fulfilled life, let all those expectations live in the present moment having faith that everything happens for a reason.