Why does God allow suffering?

Why do we suffer? Why does God allow us to suffer? The answer to this question is that God created this world and gave it to us to make of it as we wished. It is our responsibility. We could end world hunger quickly, if enough people, corporations, governments, politicians, wanted it. On top of our not understanding our responsibility, we live in a 3D dimensional world where we have polarities. So, we have day and night, good and bad, feminine and masculine, black and white, and so on. Life here on earth is about polarities, and we need to understand that there is no good or bad. There is just the perception each one of us has about something. One person’s positive feelings can be a nightmare for another, so good and bad are relative. Suffering makes us feel that we are alive, and when we are in pain, we learn. We will not learn anything from the good and happy memories. We remember them, but we learn and evolve just from the moments when we are suffering; when we search for an escape because we cannot move forward in life, that’s the time when we learn the most. Suffering is learning; learning is evolving, evolving is deconditioning from all the things you think you are.