Why God is love.

Who is God and how it all began.

Why can’t I find God?
Is God really love?

In the beginning there was only God.

God knew He was the power. But it wasn’t enough because He could not feel nor experience who He was because there was nothing to compare himself to, so He created everything out of Love and His desire to experience Himself through all He created. Universal love.

The Big Bang. And Einstein’s theory of relativity. We were all created out of love, so of course we deserve to feel what we are – loved by God from the beginning. No sins. Love is more than merely an emotion; it is an actual state of being.

God’s love for us:

Is God really love? He created us as a way for Him to know himself. He experiences himself through our experiences. We are His children. He sees himself when he sees us. Always remember be happy god loves you.

From this I would say He is love, He loves us, and He created love when He did create us.

It is a completely different emotion than the others. Love is what makes life worth all the trouble we think we all have. It is the best thing to keep us alive and happy. The fact that the universe revolves around love is undisputed. A person who has never felt the emotion of love is compared to a rock in this respect. Look at how the universe operates and you will see love everywhere. Everywhere a flower grows. Every time a person prays. To learn one way to feel universal love, which includes all types of love, look at our blog about how to become happy in 10 minutes.

If you are one of the millions who are not sure they ever really felt the power of love, don’t worry. Stick with your journey to the greater things in life and you will discover that feeling and all its wonders and power. No matter what age you are, or your circumstances, we all have the ability.

Many people ask, “Why can’t I find God?” He found you. The main reason people can not find God is they are not listening. We don’t know how to listen. We observe everything in this life that can not be touched physically with suspicion. Look at all the coincidences – how the right person, or phrase, or book came to you at just the right time. Are you listening? Listen more. Ask a question and you may be bombarded with answers.

God is love, love is God.

God created a tree with a nut so hard nothing could open it to spread more tree seeds. Now God had to, through great imagination, create a special kind of beetle with mandibles sharp enough to make a hole and with that the seed can escape and grow in the world. And he did – the only beetle in the world that can free the tree from inside that seed. Which tells me I was created for a purpose, even if I never know what it is, each one of us was created for a purpose.

Look at the mother’s instinct to protect the littlest ones in both the animal world and our own human worlds.

We might define romantic love as a profound, emotional, indescribable feeling of devotion and solicitude toward another person. Such as that which arises from kinship, appreciation of attractive features, or an awareness of a deeper oneness with that person and connectivity with that person which leads to a connection with all.

But I contend the seed of love, the very first tingling feeling comes from all the things we love. From our mate to our pets to our favorite car or desserts. Love is everywhere. And it is what the Beatles meant when they sang all you need is love, may the love of god be with you.

Now what I am saying is we have all felt love and the happiness that comes from it. It is time to spread it around to everything we see and appreciate what a Wonderful World this could be.

All people wants how to become happy in daily life. Love and happiness intertwine and interdependent. Once you’ve experienced true love, the feeling doesn’t go away on its own. It’s indeed love that is the source of all happiness. Happiness breeds greater love, and the cycle continues forward.


Where does your sense of well-being come from?

Genuine happiness comes from within. It comes from making sensible decisions, which includes deciding to be happy. When things are going well in our external circumstances, it may be easier for us to choose happiness. But this is not the cause of our pleasure. Even though things around you are not going as well as you would like them to, you can still be content. The thing that we all need to realize is that happiness is a choice, and we are responsible for our happiness laughing Buddha is a symbol of happiness.

Happiness is a state of mind. God gave you love and an ability to love the world and the choice of a happy life or a sad one. Same circumstances, but we choose what kind of life we see it as.

Emotional healing and happiness can start once we accept & internalize our partner’s love and take responsibility for fixing the unloved places inside ourselves. Paradoxically, even while we may not have been able to achieve true happiness without the love of another, their love alone will often not be sufficient to satisfy us.

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They can do this by igniting the flame of self-love that burns deep within us, allowing us to recognize, feed, and nourish it until it erupts into a raging inferno that consumes all of the shame, insecurity, anger, and suffering that seem to be the roots of our unhappiness. Whenever two people communicate in this manner, they can both feel a level of happiness that is far greater than either of them had anticipated.

This is the magic of recognizing and experiencing love in any of its forms. Allow it to grow and spread and see a new world as others see and feel it in you.

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