The strongest fear humans have is the fear of death. This happens because we forget that we are infinite beings, souls, in a human body, experiencing life in the 3D dimension. The soul is infinite; it cannot die. We need to acknowledge the spiritual visions from God. The body dies, and the soul transmutes into higher consciousness. So, the answer to this question is that we go where we belong when we finish our mission here on Earth. The best spiritual journey for beginners is to accept this fear of death and connect with your soul. Living your life mindfully leads to spiritual awakening, and this journey is different for all of us.

It is said that some souls came here to help humanity evolve, others are here to learn and go out of their karmic wheel, some of us are here because we want to be here and experience this human existence.

So, it does not matter from where we came and where we go; the important thing is that just the material body can die; the soul is infinite because it is a part of God.

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