What is my life’s purpose?

Each of us is wondering why we are here on earth and what our purpose can be. The answer to this question is in each one of us. God does want us to become rich and have material success if that is what we choose – because God wants all to grow as much as we want to. And that reminds me of what more than one successful business person has said – it is not having the millions, but it is my becoming the kind of person that can earn millions that is really important. So it is a balancing act. God wants us to also be kind and share love and compassion with ourselves and with all the living beings around us. This is the best way to love God.

Our life purpose is to experience life for God. To feel all the emotions that life feels, learn how to love without conditions and expectations from the external world. Grow every day. Discover mindfulness activities that can help you connect with yourself. Live our life fully without worries and stress, having faith that we have everything we need inside of us in order to thrive. We have many religious or spiritual gifts ready to be shared with the world.

Our life purpose is to become free from fears, judgments, traumas, and conditioning; to gain more confidence in ourselves and life. Everything happens for our highest good all the time, and nothing is a coincidence. Everything is connected and happens with perfect synchronicities to lead us toward our soul’s mission and make us become fulfilled and loved. We need to believe in a higher power, and here Yoga, Meditation, and Spirituality can help us.