Who is God?

For a long time there has been a warm debate among people around “Who is God” and all opinions have varied from each other’s.

For some people, God exists. And for others God does not! Those who don’t agree with God’s existence always asked the question that if there is a God, who is God?

God is behind all creation in the universe, the creator of nature. Nature wasn’t create by human beings or any living things on the planet, and if we didn’t do it then something else must have done it. Was it your mom? Was it your dad?  They are very capable people and as parents they gave you all there is to give, but are they really able to create something as lowly as dirt? Even the president of the United States, with all the power he has can not create a leaf from scratch. Let alone something as advanced as a worm. Therefore there must be a supernatural power that created nature, humans and all living and unloving things on earth and that supernatural power is GOD.

What is the Identity of God?

No one on the planet sees the wind or air but nobody can question the existence of wind or air. All of us only can feel and experience it in many ways. We can identify and define God’s identity. We can feel and experience God in several ways whether we are believers of God or not.

God’s form varies according to cultural, religious and the forms we are living on earth.

For Black people God could be Black, for White it could be white. It is same for Hindus. It could have eight hands. For animals, God may be a giant buffalo with four horns. And for Asian people, God has brown eyes and black hair.

What we can and can’t understand about God

It is true that we cannot fully understand all there is to know about God. God is not limited by time or space as we are.

There are some aspects of God that are beyond our comprehension.

Our idea of God is just an exaggerated version of ourselves as we are still not able to define ourselves but the definition about our self is not always correct. No one can define God. We can just experience and be in awe over it. We can’t make knowledge on it, Whatever knowledge we have about God is just pure cultural bases. God and depending on what kind of Culture you have, that is the type of God you have.  Have you heard the stories about people dying then coming back only to tell of the leader we know about – Christian it is Jesus. And for others and atheists it is something else.  We can only experience this life god gave us. And that could be all there is – that we were given the chance to experience this gift of life God gave all of us.

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