The Bible For Beginners And The Rest of Us: A Guide to Making Basic Bible Sense (BIBLE THREADS: Keys to Understanding the Bible)


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Beginner Bible study. Do you wish someone would write a book that tells you how to read the Bible for beginners? There are many beginner Bible study books that provide a guide to reading the Bible or how to read the Bible daily. Perhaps you need a beginner Bible study plan. Well, rejoice! God has heard your cry! Today He has answered your prayers.

Are you trying to read the Bible but you don’t get much from it? You know the Bible should make sense to you. But your question is, “Why am I having so much difficulty?” Or, you are an experienced student of the Bible. But you know there is much more for you to learn to make you comfortable.

The Bible For Beginners And The Rest of Us is designed to tell you what you need to know and do to truly understand the Bible? Over the past twenty years, God has prepared the author — Arlington McRae — and anointed him saying, “Feed My Sheep”. Under this anointing, with meticulous skill and care, he has written the first of five guidebooks that demonstrate how you can read and truly understand the Bible — God’s revelation of Himself to the world, and in particular, His revelation of Himself to you.

It is God’s desire to give you the ability to read, study and truly understand His Word for yourself. This book is written to help you do just that.

In this book you will

  • Learn the major Bible divisions and how they relate one to another
  • Gain an overall picture of the Bible, its story and message
  • Learn how a god-given perspective and context truly matter
  • Understand Bible threads (themes) that link the books and stories together
  • Be encourage to seek your own personal relationship with Jesus Christ

While this book is brief and to the point, it conveniently connects you to additional online resources providing much more detail to greatly enhance your biblical knowledge.

Read it. Digest it. Live it.

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