Spirituality for People Who Hate Spirituality: A Primer


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Spirituality for People Who Hate Spirituality book is for anyone who struggles with spirituality, loves it and wants to know more, wants ammunition to shoot it down, can’t understand why it’s hard for some people, finds it fascinating despite not knowing where it fits into their lives, wants to help others find it, or has been told they need it and is willing to find out if that’s true. I have fit into every one of those categories at some time in my life, sometimes more than one in the same day.
Most importantly, this book is for people who hate the idea of spirituality but know that ignoring it or pushing it away hasn’t gotten them where they want to be. That was me for quite a while, especially in my early recovery from addiction. I saw people who had been through the same things as me but were now thriving. They said they got there through spirituality. This didn’t appeal to me much, and I was pretty sure it wouldn’t work for me even if I tried, but I had run out of other ideas. If this is you too, let’s talk. I think I may be able to help.” – Casey Arrillaga in Spirituality for People Who Hate Spirituality: A Primer

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