Spirituality for Badasses: How to Find Inner Peace and Happiness Without Losing Your Cool

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Fulfillment, healing, peace, and happiness should never come at the cost of losing our smarts, uniqueness, strength, integrity, sense of humor, or cool.

Finally! Someone had the cajones to write it: a seriously funny and irreverent spiritual self-help book that bypasses all the conventional and cliched niceties and offers you – the listener and star of the show – dead-on, practical ways to change your life for good, forever.

Spirituality for Badasses contains numerous astonishingly simple and spectacularly effective principles, techniques, and methods which will change everything about your life, including who you think you are and who you truly are. No preparation required. Anyone can do it. Start immediately. You’ll experience deep inner changes simply by listening to the book. Yes, Spirituality for Badasses is some powerful mojo. Oh – and it’s also funny as sh#!. Get it now. You’ll have zero regrets.

Spirituality for Badasses takes you, the listener, on a high-stakes, cross-country, road-trip adventure where you’ll encounter a cornucopia of beautiful places, strange experiences, and wild people. In the midst of this adventure you will be challenged, pushed to the edge, and invited to experience life and yourself in radically transformative ways: Your guide and traveling companion, J. Stewart Dixon shows you the gritty no-holds bar ropes of what it takes – attention, awareness, mindfulness, recognizing the limited ego-mind, meeting deep seated fears, and knowing your most intimate inner self- to become a true spiritual badass.

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