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Spiritual Awakening: How to Become the Alchemist of Your Life with the Principles of Quantum Physics 

How to automagically obtain a life with no limits through the latest secrets revealed by the law of attraction, without waiting for someone to do it before you do.

Have you ever wondered what compulsive thoughts, managing your emotions and self-confidence have in common? These are all aspects that can limit your life – and you are about to find out how everything is connected!

Imagine attracting authentic bonds with people close to you, or attracting increased abundance and feeling more peaceful. All this is possible if you truly understand the law of attraction, but especially if you learn how to apply it in everyday life.

Spiritual Awakening is a book that understandably decodes the strong connection between the millennial concepts of the law of attraction and the scientific discoveries of quantum physics, combining everything with practical exercises.

Inside you will discover:

  • The reason why the world does not work the way we have always imagined it
  • The true nature of time and space
  • The authentic relation between cause and effect
  • How thought affects our reality
  • How to clear the mind at will and better manage emotions
  • How to get rid of the addiction of anger
  • Mistakes to avoid in order to make your wishes come true thanks to the law of attraction
  • And much more! 

Overall, you will learn the easiest and most essential notions of quantum physics combined with the techniques of conscious creation to become the alchemist of your life. Sharing with the people you love will enhance the whole process.

So, don’t push away your desires once again. Scroll up, click on “Buy”, and get your copy right away!”

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