Incense Holder Lotus Furnace

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Type :  Incense Burner

Material :  Ceramic

Classification :  Incense Base

Use :  Odor / Dehumidification Eliminator

Production :  Aromatherapy dish

Cosmetic feature :  Revitalization and hydration

Field of application :  Living room

Plug Type :  none

Effect :  with LED light

Feature 1 :  Backflow Incense Burner

Feature 2 :  Smoke Waterfall Incense Holder

Feature 3 :  Lotus Flower Ceramic Censer

Feature 4 :  Aromatherapy Furnace

Color: Blue Green

Size: 14.7*16cm

25 reviews for Incense Holder Lotus Furnace

  1. David c boyd

    I love that the multiple holes mean I can use this with any size/type of incense from more common types to the Japanese type without the inner stick. The only issue is that the metal holder part is very deep so about an entire inch of the Japanese-style incense gets wasted which for such short sticks is a fair bit.

  2. Amato

    This agate green incense burner is beautiful. It holds two sticks of incense at once. I love the looks of it. It’s sturdy and the colors are perfect. It holds all the ash…no more on your counters.

  3. Peggy

    I love this incense holder, it holds all ashes, no more spilling on the sides like those thin ones you can buy everywhere. You can also use it as a tray for gemstones, or just a piece of art on a table set, any way you use it, it looks beautiful.

  4. lesia williams

    I bought the first one as a gift and liked it so much I bought one for myself. It catches all of the ash. No more mess on the table! It also makes a nice rolling tray. Double the use!

  5. Vanessa

    Extremely pleased with this beautiful incense holder. I purchased the white and ocean ceramic. Stunning and goes with my warm decor. The incense is perfectly centered, so no messes to clean up. Sturdy and the ceramic is lovely.

  6. James

    was looking for a new stick holder and this fit the bill, this hole two sticks

  7. Victoria Herman

    I had such a hard time finding an incense holder for the sticks. Most are for cones or only have one hole for a stick. Made its way all the way from New York to Canada in one piece. The centerpiece is not attached and there are two gold inserts for different sizes of sticks.

  8. Aunt Kippy

    I reviewed this previously more in-depth, but apparently, amazon is erasing reviews and trying to get ppl kicked out of the program. So I will not be rewriting it.

  9. Steven Richardson

    I would always use the narrow ones and they always made a mess. This one is wide enough to catch everything, has no mess, is easy to clean, and looks nice.

  10. Rebecca walker

    This is great! The only thing is you have to make sure your cones smell nice as he smells really smoky and also you need to put him on a surface you’re not that bothered about as even though a little protective mat is provided the smoke spreads and it can leave marks.

  11. Steven Richardson

    This is a great incense holder. It holds 2 sticks, and ashes never fall outside the holder. Highly recommend. And when I need , I will buy more as gifts.

  12. Steven

    Looks great on my bookshelf! Great size, shipped in protective packaging.

  13. Amber Berian

    The product is as shown in the picture and value for money. Best one in this price range.

  14. Barton Funk

    Good quality for the price, I was pleasantly surprised. I hope I can give him a happy home.

  15. Suleliya

    Perfect size, weight, and price! It’s about 7 inches tall and I love it!

  16. Jones georgea

    Love the look and quality. Just the right size.

  17. Harry

    The product is strong and good quality, it is however bulky for me. I have a small pooja house

  18. Canner

    Not only is the subject matter very well written for dumb people. The garden pictures are fantastic. You can keep this on the bedside and mentally clense by looking at beautiful garden pictures.

  19. Craig Adams

    It’s cute ..I like the design but be careful to touch because I almost burn my self

  20. Sebastian

    Very good but gets really hot when burning charcoal disk

  21. Robert Rose

    A bit smaller than I expected (fits in the palm of your hand). Otherwise, it is as beautiful as the pictures and performs as expected. Would gift it to a friend.

  22. Simpson

    I like burning incense, but I don’t like the ash going all over the place as it burns. I also don’t like how tacky and cheap so many incense burners look. This one is great! It captures the incense ash and is so pretty that I’ve set it up in my living room.

  23. Vanessa Sulpician

    I love the Tree Spirit back flow incense burner. He looks so lovely and is very nicely detailed. I have him sat by my computer next to another tree spirit tea light holder also by” Nemesis Now!Highly recommended.

  24. Wolf Sprenger

    Está hermoso, para que se den idea del tamaño, cabe bien en la palma de la mano, es super útil, definitivamente sí me gustó

  25. Lamees

    once i learned how to slow down the the charcoal burning and hold the heat down a bit, i can now slow burn my incense or burn it fast depending on my requirement, this burner looks as beautiful as I hoped it would .

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