Archangel Michael Speaks: 33 Living Transmissions from the Archangel of the Sun


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Archangel Michael connects in this direct transmission offering you loving guidance and support for navigating through the transformative period happening now.

Humanity has reached a key choice point in the collective journey of transformation.

There is an opportunity now to move beyond being constrain by programs of illusion, lack, uncertainty, and fear.

But will we awaken from the illusion in time?

Will humanity choose to reject the programs of a fear-based paradigm to finally embrace our truth as the spirits of love and freedom we are?

Choosing the path of love and service to others through free will is key to empowering the highest trajectory for all to flow through.

Love, when chosen en masse, rewrites the Earth paradigm code with the higher dimensional template now freely available for humanity to choose.

Archangel Michael Speaks will initiate you who are ready, into the Paradigm of Love and the path of the open heart.

Remember and call forth the truth of who you are, why you are here, and what is now possible in stepping into the path of love in service of all.

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