5pcs Yoga Accessories Set Yoga Ball Yoga Blocks Stretching Strap Resistance Loop Band Exercise Band Home Gym Fitness Equipment

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5pcs yoga kit include: 1*Yoga ball, 1*Yoga block, 1*Yoga stretching band, 1*Resistance loop band, 1*cotton strap.

Yoga ball: PVC constructed, free of BPA, for pilates, yoga, back and abdominal training or sports relaxation.

Yoga block: Lightweight foam block provide stability and balance needed in practice to help with optimal alignment, deeper poses and increase strength.

Yoga cotton strap: Two D-rings provide great assistance for holding the poses longer and with comfort to increase flexibility of your body.

Stretching band: 59in long latex band for men and women to tone, strengthen and rehab core, upper body, lower body, leg or arms.

Resistance loop band: Help squats, warm up the muscle of hip and legs before fitness and have a stretch of muscle after yoga and other sports.




Material: PVC + latex + EVA

Color: Purple / Pink / Blue (optional)

Diameter(ball): 25cm / 9.8in  

Stretching band: 150 * 15cm / 59 * 5.9in 

Cotton strap: 183 * 3.8cm / 72 * 1.4in 

Loop band: 50 * 5cm / 19.6 * 1.9in 

Block: 23* 15 * 8cm / 9.0 * 5.9 * 3.1in 

Package weight: 400g / 14.1oz 

46 reviews for 5pcs Yoga Accessories Set Yoga Ball Yoga Blocks Stretching Strap Resistance Loop Band Exercise Band Home Gym Fitness Equipment

  1. Silva

    These yoga blocks are every bit as nice as the ones offered in my yoga class and the strap is also very nice. For this price this set really can’t be beaten.

  2. Christina

    I bought these for a vacation I have in January. Have not had a chance to wear them yet. The material is nice. I like the unusual style of these pants. The color is as I had hoped.

  3. Joanne Dever

    I’ve been having problems with my knee which made it difficult and painful to do several pilates moves. This product was a game changer. So comfortable. I had no problems with knee pain.

  4. Carolina G.

    I use these several times a week when exercising at home. As good as any I have seen or used. Would buy again.

  5. Kellie Hand

    This Yoga pant is so soft and well-made. I purchased the Sand color and it matches my home decor lovely. I will be using the blanket to assist in supporting me for certain yoga positions. I’m excited to bring it to the beach and just use it everywhere we can!

  6. John Grunwell

    I bought this mat to provide extra cushioning for both yoga and floor exercises when I don’t also have a carpet beneath me, and I really like it.

  7. Trish Logan

    In my yoga class, I’ve been having sore knees and elbows, but this solved the problems. It’s exactly as wide as my mat and easy to move where I need it to be. It fits in the bag for my mats, too, so it’s easy to carry to the gym.

  8. Antonella

    I have a bad right knee and this has been a lifesaver in helping me with certain poses. It is thick and dense and has helped me continue my practice.

  9. Marisa Padilla

    I recently started going to heated yoga classes and the instructor recommended a yoga towel like this. It’s very worth the purchase. It stays put on your mat and you’re not slipping in all of your sweat ? .

  10. Kelsey Nicole

    The product performed as expected. The towel has a similar feeling to a microfiber cloth. Fit my standard mat pretty well and helped me to not feel like my hands were going to slip during hot yoga

  11. Kimi Williams

    I love, love, love these yoga pants. I use the waistband pocket for my house key and the outer pockets for my phone and credit cards. It works so well that I rarely wear jeans anymore. These pants are so comfortable and very reasonably priced.

  12. Inma de la Torre

    These pants are so comfortable and flattering. They are thick and have that buttery feel.

  13. kingle

    Perfect for my height in the size I ordered. I’m 5’2 and they are right above the floor.

  14. Dawn Fulmer

    Very nice quality, well-made, and super comfortable leggings. Form-fitting, but not so tight they are uncomfortable to wear. Has a flair at the bottom so they are easy to wear with all types of shoes and they are very stylish.

  15. jo-anne collins

    The yoga pants are really good. The pattern is really cute and beautiful, the fit is perfect, nice stretch and they are very comfy to stay at home or practice yoga.

  16. Cyndi Pablo

    Finally… Yoga-style pants that are long enough! And not only that, they fit my big booty and my big thighs. I love these pants! The fabric is not too heavy and not too light.

  17. Kelly

    These leggings are very comfortable. They did not slide down while working out and lasted me for a few years before it was time to move on. The pocket size is deep enough for you to keep your phone in your pocket and do a leg press.

  18. Shannytown

    I’ve been looking for a great pair of breathable yoga pants that I can lounge in at home but yet have pockets. Being disabled physically,

  19. Mtacalyn

    This is my 5th pair of these. I got 2 pairs a few years ago and still have (and love) them and I have worn them A LOT!! I just got 2 pairs for Christmas and ordered myself a 3rd because they really are that amazing!

  20. Mtacalyn

    Fits fantastic, the fabric is thick and good quality and it has pockets. Love it love it love it.

  21. CrystalRae

    I loved that they don’t roll down, however, the material is a little thick for me for the gym.

  22. Mimi Roo

    I wear these every day. These pants look good with a long sweater or blazer. Can be casual or more dressed up, depending on the occasion. As you get older, your body seems to be changing all the time. These have always been comfortable, even after 2 surgeries.

  23. Amber Smith

    These are unlike regular yoga pants. Given they are bootcut, they do not cling to your body and are not sheer. They have an extra wide waistband and are easily washed and dried with no shrinkage.

  24. Lexington

    This yoga mat is a perfect size. It’s nonslip with a good amount of grip so you expect to slide move as much. The thickness of the mat is the right amount, it’s not flimsy nor bulky. It rolls up and rolls out easily. It has an excellent price point and I believe it’ll last a long time with proper care.

  25. O’Brien

    Mat is of nice quality and good value for money. Height is also good. The Mat is very thick and Sturdy making it perfect for workouts. It’s anti-slip and very comfortable. Recommending this to everyone

  26. Penny Picklebottom

    These are the best flare leggings I have gotten! These leggings are made from a material that feels exactly like my lulu leggings.

  27. Wright

    Good material, good thickness, and good stability. I like the product.

  28. Gloria R

    Wow, these pants are super soft, comfortable, and flattering. Feels like you are wearing PJs. Would definitely buy more if I see other patterns that I like. I bought a size small, fit as expected. The pants are not made of thick material.

  29. Ginny Chambers

    This mat is comfortable, and with enough thickness that it helps my knees while doing yoga… it is wide and long enough also to fit a good size person like me..

  30. K. Gillespie

    I was looking for yoga pants that were suitable for colder weather as I am also a walker and yoga pants work well for that activity. They are very comfortable. I could wear them everyday. This is best pant for yoga and exercise .

  31. Irwin

    It seems a very soft yet thick and a good quality mat. It is very comfortable and soft. The color is blackish grey. Quality is good, not at all thin. You can easily do Yoga and Jumping exercises as well. It doesn’t slip too. Go for it guys. A good job is done Boldfit.

  32. Cheryl Giesbrecht

    I have ordered this brand numerous times, quality and price and size are very good.

  33. Courtney W

    Love, love, love this fit Bootcut yoga pants. I bought these pants to wear over a pair of boots thinking . Such a versatile item to have in your closet.

  34. Kimmy

    Love the stretchy good quality fabric. Good for weekends and working from home. The XL size was too loose in the legs. The L size was a better, tighter, yet comfortable fit.

  35. MarIa rodea

    These are absolutely the best, most comfortable pants. They can be worn as pajamas, for working out or dress casually with a cardigan and booties.

  36. Jodi Harris

    Really comfortable and you can’t beat the price. Ordered more of them because I like them so much.

  37. Julia Parslow

    This is a great yoga mat if you need extra cushioning. From the product picture, I was a bit worried about whether the “stickiness” of the mat would be adequate.

  38. Shop Maven

    I really like these leggings. They are soft and wash well. I hang them to dry. They are medium compression so they shape everything nicely. They are a good length.

  39. Bethany

    Excellent quality and it’s much more comfortable than other yoga pants that I used in past. You can definitely go for it if you are searching for a comfortable pant.??

  40. Birdlin

    I wear these every day. These pants look good with a long sweater or blazer. Can be casual or more dressed up, depending on the occasion. As you get older, your body seems to be changing all the time.

  41. Andrew malon

    Looks great on my bookshelf! Great size, shipped in protective packaging.

  42. Makenzee

    Just started my journal into Hot Yoga and found out quickly I needed a proper towel for it. This towel is great and absorbs well. Love the colors and softness but still has a good grip.

  43. Melissa

    I love how flattering and soft these yoga pants are! The way that the front of the pants hits the stomach is get flattering. I love these pants so much I bought a pair for my sister too!

  44. Courtney Michael

    This is lightweight and folds into a small space easily. I love the pink colors. I keep it in the car for those cool game days or park picnics. Great for chilly nights around the fire pit. The more you wash it the softer it gets.

  45. Cynthia Struck

    A perfect item for a Christmas white elephant gift. The blanket is good quality and large. The blanket was ordered and received within 24 hours. I will buy it again.

  46. Gramaneen

    My yoga studio provides really nice mats and props, so I was fortunate enough to not have to constantly carry them to classes. When I decided to supplement my work day with some yoga, I realized my knees hurt on my own yoga mat, as it was obviously too thin.

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