Money and happiness

Can Money Make You Happy?

Money and happiness-

Yes, money can make you happy. Of course, it can.

Anyone who asks, can money make you happy. If you are the person who is thinking, where can I find happiness or does money make you happy? This guide is for you. But what happens when you need money again and don’t have it? Unhappiness. Fear. Stress. So it can, and then it may only work for a short time.

But to say it does is not accurate. It certainly does, but you should enjoy every moment of life whether you have money or not. It removes the immediate issues when we think we lack something we need. Could you give it to the needy? Or go on a shopping spree. Or fly to Hawaii. Whatever. But after Hawaii, you have to go home. Back to traffic, kids, job, reality, and enjoy every moment.

Is there a way to live happily without money or outside things?

People ask the question where can I find happiness? And how? You don’t have to live like a monk. But it helps if you do know how they think. And God you is not talking about stupid happy all the time. But having some extra paper in a wallet can make one happy then without. However, that is a worthy goal. I mean, how do you want to spend your time on earth? Happy or miserable? Then comes the question of how to be happy.

“Rocky,” said nothing hits as hard as life, “It will knock you down and keep you down if you let it.” Now bad things happen to everyone and at the worst time. So feeling sad when bad things happen seems natural. To let it ruin your happiness constantly is not.

I am talking about maintaining your happiness levels, even having a more positive way of moving through life than before you looked at this website. To be able to return to a happiness level anytime you want. Even money makes you happy sometimes. But if you don’t have any, then stay calm at that time because we know everything changes. It is the only thing that is for sure.

Monks can stay calm through it all, but they learned how through a lot of hard work training their minds and emotions. And they constantly have to work on it.

We all know or have heard of poor people who are happy, enjoying every day and dance about life because they find joy in being alive. And there are the rich who are always miserable, looking for ways to make more money and are still sad. Chasing the tail of the dog without ever stopping and looking in the mirror and thinking maybe their unhappiness is within.

Money and Happiness – Spend some time thinking about Happiness:

Take a moment and consider happiness and whether money can make you happy, I know it is not something we should chase, because happiness is like a butterfly, it will evade capturing if one chases it. Happiness comes to you like a butterfly landing on your finger.

And the goal is, once you find happiness, remember how you got to that point and make it your usual place to stay. Raise the happiness level so you can enjoy every moment more often and wild circumstances can not sway you as much as before. This could be a morning ritual – to take a few minutes, reflect on your feelings, and bring that core level up. Every morning consider life and appreciate what you can of it and what comes your way.

In all honesty, money can make one happy as one no longer has to work hard to earn it. One can relax a bit and feel less pressure to pay the bills. We are free from that worry for a short amount of time. But if we don’t change the way we think, the worries will return next month or whenever.

They say money is just a form of energy that flows. And it seems that if we can stay relaxed regarding it, the flow can flow freely, which means in and out of your hands.

What is happiness?

It is different for everyone. But for me, what works is I have an appreciation of my life, nature, and all the things that come to me and will keep coming, to not worry so much about things I cannot control, to help others if I can, not to allow fear to control my life, and money makes you happy. Also, money makes you happy if you are helping others with your wealth. Or show them they can be happy without wealth.

And from the philosophers, including friends, family, and the famous ones on YouTube, I learned not to expect anything, to work toward my goal, and when finished, to let the results go and make me happy. Leave it to fate to decide and start working on my next destination. Like a game. The one who worries least wins.

How can you be happy without money?

Enjoy Every moment:

Live in the moment of now for a time. Just try it, and you will see all you miss or enjoy in every moment of life we are surrounded by. Everything we miss when we think money makes us happy. The sunshine, the fresh air, the colors of the fall season, winter, summer, and spring, the taste of your favorite foods, conversations with your friends, the accomplishments of your family and friends, a job well done, and the magic of the spider building a strong, mathematically impossible structure called a web.

YouTube has videos by Eckhart on living in the now, which have changed everything for me. His videos and his books.

Have you heard the phrase, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear?” He has spoken to me several times. If you are sincere and ask, they will pop out of nowhere. The information you seek will be found on TV, in the newspaper, on the radio, from a friend, or from shopping in a store. It works for me.

Reasons why money can’t buy happiness always?

Money can buy happiness, if only for as long as it lasts. This is what happens when we let things outside ourselves dictate our happiness, and the way to avoid that is to recognize that happiness is a choice we make inside our brains, not outside. However, the reason why money can’t buy happiness is that true and lasting happiness is not solely dependent on external factors such as money.

Of course, outside things can and do make people happy or unhappy constantly; you should enjoy every moment. We should have an appreciation for all the things that we have and forget about what we don’t have. Those may or may not come later, but for now, be thankful.

It is hard to be happy with a toothache if someone hits your car or a mate cheats on you. But after the calamity, it is still your choice to go back to a positive, happy state or a miserable one. You set the thermometer of your life inside. These are examples of how money can’t buy happiness.

That is by having no expectations, only enjoying every moment, seeing all that is going on around you, appreciating all that you have and will have, and studying all the things to be happy, loving, and thankful for.

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God and Lonely People

God and Lonely People

God and Lonely People

“He was hated by everyone, rejected by them, a guy of agony and suffering. He was disliked, and we had poor regard for him, like someone who others conceal their faces from.”

Isaiah 53:3 (NIV) God had something to say to you if you felt lonely this morning: “I know precisely how you feel.” God is with you as you go through this trying time.

Does god feel lonely?
You’re mistaken if you believe that Jesus doesn’t comprehend loneliness. The people he made rejected and despised Jesus. His entire life, he struggled with loneliness.

Does god want me to be lonely?

Maybe you don’t feel lonely right now. You might be shocked by who the lonely individuals are in your neighborhood, though. Whether you are attractive, wealthy, successful, or famous, loneliness doesn’t care. Even those who are married occasionally experience loneliness; some unions are never truly intimate, close, or social. Where do lonely people go? Everyone is vulnerable to loneliness, as the epidemic has demonstrated. Every one of us eventually goes through it. Maybe God put you in loneliness for some purpose. Perhaps you can find God and yourself in any critical stage of loneliness.

Being alone can lead us more deeply to seek God.

We frequently neglect God because we are so busy. God can communicate with us and receive our full attention when we are by ourselves. In the gospels, it mentions nine times that Jesus went to a solitary location to be with the father. Jesus searched out seclusion to discover the father’s will for his life. We will reward for seeking God out in solitude. He will endow us with the sharper discernment we need right now. Without making time aside to spend alone with God, this kind of direction and understanding cannot attain.

God can use loneliness to hone our character.

God makes our flaws evident in loneliness and attempts to correct them. Our weaknesses, insecurities, and defense mechanisms expose when we are alone, which God can utilize to fortify our character. As we wait in isolation, God will try to hone our patience. Have faith in god when your pathway is lonely.

When Paul declared, “When I am weak, then I am strong,” he understood the power of weaknesses turning into strengths. Being faithful on our own provides us the assurance that we can be reliable in a group. Our dedication test when we are by ourselves and our genuine selves reveal.

As the Beatles song Eleanor Rigby suggests, some lonely people prefer their own company, and I am one of those people.

Wait! Is loneliness a punishment from God?

No, I have a habit of observing faces around me, and when I look at all the lonely people around me, and notice they are living dual lives. One is social, where they go to their workplaces, pay their bills, attend dinners and funerals, and work for a better and happier life. But their other life is entirely different, where they are very alone, dejected, and sad. How many people feel lonely?

Everyone was worried about something, struggling for something, and that something is not achievable.

What happens to lonely people?

Society entangles in a strangely woven string of worries, selfishness, and various problems. Everyone is dealing with a problem of their own, but one thing is similar in most faces; they do not have peace in their hearts. God utilized it to train my brain. I could ponder a lot because of how much time I spent with the Lord, and realized that social, active people only sometimes have time for this. I also had the chance to reflect on God’s Word amid periods of severe spiritual disappointment and while working at a job that others would have deemed uninteresting and boring.

God employed it to stifle idle chatter. I tend to speak endlessly when I’m among individuals I trust. I’ve had time to reflect on my mistakes in the past and learned to change some destructive behaviors because of the quiet times I spend with the Lord.

Why do people feel lonely?

So, let’s talk about my experience with loneliness. I was no exception, having restlessness facing the same questions and problems and wanting a solution. To be more exact, I wanted to be content. I knew that this social fabric of society could not keep a man happy, and something was waiting to reveal. Something is waiting to be looked for. And thus, at one stage of my life, I started studying religion to understand the concept of God.

My knowledge of God and people limit to believing that God creates this universe and loves sending bad people to hell. My first impression and feeling about God were not of a friend but of someone bigger than me. To me, God was the creator of this whole universe, and after creating the universe. He had settled far away in the heavens. My loneliness and sadness became more acute, but I kept reading various religious scriptures.

Why some people are lonely? Is loneliness a punishment from God? Some attributes of God commonly repeat in the scriptures: omnipresent, omniscient, and almighty.

God is omniscient; if so, He must know what I think and feel.

The omniscient God and people cannot be far away. After this revelation, I started feeling God very close to my heart. When someone looks for God, each realization opens a new passage to God and constructs a new relationship with God.

Designed for Relationships

The reasons why loneliness has such a significant impact on our physical and mental health are cover in great detail in the Bible. Since God is a triune being, he is constantly interacting with man. Human personality is design to reflect the interconnection of the Holy Trinity, so when we separate ourselves from others and become more individualistic, we act against the grain of who we are.

Jesus is our role model for what it means to be in a human connection—dealing with Loneliness: Christian Counseling and Community. He developed from his birth into a traditional nuclear family to start His mission by inviting others to become His disciples.

After each realization, we keep going closer and closer to Him. I kept thinking about God excessively and realized that God and all lonely people are friends. For me, a peaceful and less lonely life can attain through friendship with God.

Check our Book store for reading books related to God.

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How to become happy

How to become Happy in a minute?

Regardless of age, being happy and optimistic is crucial for maximizing every element of your life. We are more likely to get out and interact with the world when we are so glad, and the more we do it, the happier we get.

Unfortunately, many things that can make us a happier call for dedication over an extended period. It sounds simple to “just get out there and make friends,” but it’s rather tricky you have to explore how to be happy with what you have or you can read the best books on how to be happy. It requires time to get in shape. Knowing where to begin might be challenging if you feel your potential for pleasure needs to be realized.

How to be happy again in a minute or less?

There are a couple of easy steps to follow to put yourself in a more optimistic mood much of the time. Of course, everyone sometimes feels sad, but this exercise helps me raise my happiness level. So, how to become happy in a short period?

In this post, we will discuss some tips for how to become happy again in no time; Open your Blinds :

SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is a condition wherein a lack of sunlight can cause sorrow or even melancholy. Opening your blinds and letting some sunshine into your house can make you happier even if you don’t have this condition. Better yet, how about taking a little stroll through your garden and exploring how to be happy in a relationship also? Your head will buzz from the extra sun, and your heart will race from the walk.

Appreciate God’s Blessings

People frequently forget the good things in their lives when times are difficult. Significantly few people experience the collapse of their entire world. When under stress, most people notice a decline in mood. By evaluating what is going well, you may turn things up rapidly. Grab some paper, and list all the positive things and how to be happy in your life. You won’t believe how quickly that smile returns to your face. This is how to become happy with yourself. You can do it to find your happiness.


How do I become happy again? Starting a yoga practice can change the game. I’ve rediscovered the strength of my mind and body and how well they complement one another. It has helped me become more aware of my strength, perseverance, and power while allowing me to push past my comfort zone gently.


Although mindfulness has a wide variety of applications, at its foundation, it only refers to being completely present. Bringing your focus to all five senses — sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste — and observing what each is experiencing is a terrific method to do this. This is a suitable method if you want to know how to become happy with yourself.

How do I become happy with myself?

Bringing your focus to all five senses — sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste — and observing what each is experiencing is a terrific method to do this. This is a suitable method if you want to know how to become happy with yourself.

  • What do you notice in the area?
  • Can you hear anything?
  • Are there any sensations you can name?
  • Read motivating literature, and listen to positive stories.

Although it seems straightforward, doing so can alter your perspective on life. Please take note of your daily exposure and how it affects your mood. There is a deluge of conflicting information coming at you from various sources. As a result, feeling motivated or inspired may occasionally take work. Make it a point to keep a book or other reading material that inspires you on your bedside or bookcase.

How to become a happier person? Do something good for someone

It can be inexpensive or large. Just smile at people while driving or remark on their attire. Positive energy will quickly flow back to you. Your interpersonal relationships can be improved without investing much effort in them. Proper consideration in a relationship might be as simple as visiting someone’s social media account to wish them luck on a job interview.

How to meditate for happiness? Look in the mirror and tell yourself, this is an excellent day

Suggest that it is already. Bring a wonderful day into being. When you do it, don’t second-guess yourself. Why meditation makes you happy? Don’t claim it will be fantastic. Just have faith in the future;

Never forget that being spiritual doesn’t have to be complicated or uncomfortable. Finding your most authentic and happiest self is the key. You can take whatever practices others suggest and if it helps you, use it. If not, feel free to discard it.

Do not waste time regretting the past or worrying about the future. Experience this moment only as much as you can. Life is made up of moments. Don’t lose any. Give thanks for all you have now and all that is coming. Appreciate this life, for it is a gift. Look around you and notice what there is to be thankful for.

45-second meditation session: It is the best meditation for happiness. Too many distractions might drain your vitality and make you feel down. Your phone’s timer should be set for 45 seconds. Close your eyes, relax your shoulders, and concentrate on deep breathing while leaning back. Visualize the unpleasant ideas exiting your body through your nostrils as you exhale. Open your eyes when the alarm goes off. Focus for 10 seconds, then bask in the high.

Can meditation make you happy?

Of course! 10-minute meditation for happiness is also best to follow. Thou shalt not judge. Not in other people, not yourself, not situations. It is no good or bad. There is. It is just life. Think about something you love or like a lot.

Something that makes you happy is the cause of happiness: food, a person, and a pet. Think of them or it. Study them carefully. Feel what it feels like to be around them or it. Only think about how nice it makes you feel with the happy people documentary; if they are not here now or are, it doesn’t matter. We are after the joy with the happy people it brings you. Look closely at them. Follow guided meditation for inner peace and happiness. If it is a chocolate cream cake, taste it. Look at the texture if it is a pet, smile when you play—a baby, smile when you pick them up. You can do these things when thinking about how to become happy.

OK. It’s not difficult to find how to be happy in life. You should be feeling pretty happy now. Hold on to that feeling for as long as you can. Repeat the exercise whenever you want. And find different things to love in future activities.

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Stop judging

How to Stop Judging others and Open Your Mind.

If you want to help someone, give them what they ask for, or don’t give.

How can you help someone?

Stop judging: If I wanted to help someone I wouldn’t give money to people who asked for it but I would buy them food, for example. That is a popular idea. But what are we doing when we do that? What does the Bible say about that? Thou shalt not judge, yet that is often all that we ever do.

We are judging machines. What is good, that one is bad, those people are …. Enough is enough. Judging may have served us in many ways such as judging the safest time to cross the street, but we let it take over our lives. From the actors in our favorite tv shows to our kids and our neighbors, oh, and politicians.

The second definition of discriminate suits us better – to be able to tell the difference. But to judge good or bad, we are told not to. This is the idea in at least Christianity and Buddhism.

How to stop judging others?

We do it all the time. But when we choose to help someone and we take away their power to decide what they want by giving them something other than what they want, we are taking on the role as their father, and for their own good because we are making sure they don’t do something we judge as bad with the money. But we have to be careful when we play the role of help giver. Be careful we do not also take the role of judge.

If a woman asks us for a cigarette and we give them gum because we judge it is healthier for them, who do we serve? Is it them? Or is it our own ego by making us their judge and doctor? And who says the gum is any healthier? Now we need to play nutritionist too.

Of course, there are common sense exceptions. I would not consider giving an obviously harmful item to anyone who asked. But I want to ask us to think about our helping a bit differently. To create helpful helping, thinking about helping in ways that are 100% helpful to the person in need, and helpful to us and our happiness also.

I met an Indian truck driver who gave me pause to think about my philosophy of giving. He said that if someone really needed help with a cigarette and I am having a helping nature but I am against smoking, so I buy him a pack of gum, for example, when I want to help someone it’s really not helping them to give something I think he should have and he doesn’t want.  He wants a cigarette and I give him gum. What an ass I am. No matter how much helping nature I am having. So, anyone can help but we should keep our egos at bay.

Stop Judging People:Stop judging

Anyone can help and helping is great for everyone, but I hope to be able to think carefully about giving what someone asks for and not what I think is best for them.

Or choose to not give. But I will try to not give him something he knows he does not want. I am not his parent and he is not a child. One of the keys to happiness is to stop judging people and things and events as good or bad. We are not God. Actually, we are God, but most have not really accepted that yet. It is so easy to judge others and not see oneself. Even when we tell ourselves we are judging for the right reason.

Discrimination and judging are different. The second definition of discrimination is to know the difference. The first delimitation of judging is judging between right and wrong, good and bad. The worst thing for everyone involved would be to think one is in a superior position to be the giver of help over the one needing help.

So stop judging people.

The ego comes in and can destroy any good work. And remember the only sure thing is that things change – next time the roles could reverse. And as they say, karma is a b$#%.

But who is to say what is right and what is wrong? Doing something right could have the wrong effect on the innocent person who is just caught up in the situation. Good for some can be really bad for others. And often we judge so fast based on little information so, don t judge too quickly. Jumping to conclusions can wear people out.

We see someone wearing worn clothes and we jump to conclusions. We hear a rumor about someone and the bad things they did, even though they are the nicest people to us.  So, it is best to not judge and make assumptions when we don’t know the situations of other people or the truth behind the rumors.Stop judging

Shabby clothes, maybe a relative just died. Who knows? The best thing to do if possible might be to try talking to them. That could be the best way to help. One thing I do know is when I practice not judging it makes me happier because carrying the responsibility of judging everyone I come in contact with and even all those I hear and read about is an exhausting job and I don’t even get paid for it, so I decided  –   I QUIT!

And now I have time to enjoy my retirement. How can you help someone? Like everything else, ask from our hearts and do not listen to our egos.

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