Love & Happiness – where did you set your emotional thermostate?

One important way to find true happiness & love is to track down where it comes from and where you set your thermostate.

What happens when someone says, you don’t make me happy anymore?

Suddenly feel hot? Yes, the room suddenly is quite warm for both.

But whose fault is that?

It is not anyone else’s responsibility to make someone else happy.  It is our job to choose to be happy or not.

And that is decided by how you decide to set your happiness thermostate for life.

It is where you want to place yourself on the positive/negative scale generally. Of course someone can not be constantly happy or sad all of the time.

Life happens. Your dog may chew on your shoes. Your neighbor may have just backed into your mailbox. Most people let outside incidents like that affect them, and the amount that it affects them can be controlled by the earlier choice of theirs to set their temperature for the long term, knowing this will pass and the world generally speaking can be a good place if we don’t get lost in the media.

Happiness & love are feelings. Emotions. And humans let a lot of those emotions rule us. For me I have chosen to have happiness as the thermostate setting on my emotional state and so whenever life happens and my emotions are all over the place, in the background I know the air conditioner will take care of everything and I will go back to the happier, more positive emotions I chose to set earlier.

Advertising people know it is not the steak but the sizzle that sells. It is not a thing, a person, and whatever outside thing that makes one happy. It is the feelings those things give you. It is not as important who or what you love. It is important that you can love. And that love is transferable. Love grows and spreads.

Love  has become much more foggy over time, with too many different emotions we have lost the true meaning of love. Happiness is that feeling or sting of emotions that happens when we feel pleased, it could be seeing your loved one after a while or getting a favorite cup of ice cream. Love and happiness are always different sides of the same coin.  We might think people or situations are responsible for love and happiness. But the fact is that we are ourselves responsible for all these things and particularly for happiness by where we choose to set the temperature.

It can be a balancing thing, with emotions doing whatever they want. But as long as you set your temperature toward the positive and can see you will end up eventually back to the home place you set and can get pleasure again from the little things in life, you will be just fine.

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