My Best Friend God

My Best Friend God : – I’ve always had a strong belief and a love of God. I was raised to believe that there is a higher power that watches over us and that we should be kind to one another at all times.

God, My ‘Best’ Friend

I remember the first time I felt the presence of God and experienced God’s love. It was during my childhood when I was 6-7 years old. I had developed a strong belief that God was my friend, just like other friends or siblings, by listening to spiritual stories. And this ‘friend’ could do anything for me. So, whenever I was in a mess or needed a favor, I’d pray to God and bribe him small sums of money.

“If mummy won’t scold me for breaking the plate, I’ll give you two cents. If I pass the exam, I’ll give you three cents.” That was my budget, and I bribed accordingly. My family was first astonished to find coins in our deity’s picture. But then they came to know about my ‘arrangement’ with God, and they laughed, never stopping me from doing this or preaching to me that God doesn’t need money or bribing. They left the business between God and me.

Then, I grew up, completed my studies, and wanted to move to some big city for a job. This time, I took a religious path and staunchly believed that if I recited a particular mantra for specific numbers, I would get a good job.

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God, My Protector

But, I came across the real God when my parents passed away one after another. The whole world opened its loving arms for me, and people reached across to console me. A cousin brother of mine, whom I hadn’t come across in many years, took my phone number from my sister-in-all and started calling me every weekend. He was very spiritual, and without asking anything about my wellbeing, he will start talking about God and how many ways He can be found. I have also been in mediation and yoga, so we’ll talk about meditation, not a word about anything else. He kept calling me every Sunday for one full year. Fifty-two weeks of spiritual talks had a calming effect on me, and more than anything else, those talks helped me recover from my loss.

Not only this, but I found that birds and animals flocked around me like protectors. Suddenly, many pigeons started sleeping outside my bedroom, on the grill, as if protecting me in my sleep. Sparrows started coming and frolicking on my flat’s balcony. Then, one day, when I was walking on the road, I felt some wetness on my right hand, deep in my thoughts. I looked down and saw a dog licking its chops and grinning as if it was playing with me and trying to make me happy!

god kindness

Earlier in my life, I was never a religious person. I went to temples and participated in religious ceremonies,  but I never felt like I was there for the right reasons. It always felt like I was going because all my family members enjoyed those gatherings, and not because it made me feel good or helped me in any way.

God Is Kindness

I had always been a kind person, but I became even more kind after my parents died. So now, every time someone is having a tough day or needs help with something. I’m the first to offer assistance and show them kindness. It’s as though God has given me this new sense of purpose in life – to show people kindness and love no matter what happens to them, for God is with you. If nothing else, I make sure to compliment people on any good thing about them. And it lights up their faces! That is God smiling back at me.

The experience of God is a feeling that one gets when they are in the presence of kindness. It is a feeling that most people have had at some point in their lives, and somehow you get to feel God in your life.

It has been said that if you have never felt God, then you are not human. This is because God and spirituality go hand in hand. This makes sense because it is impossible to be alive and not experience the kindness of others at least once in your lifetime.

My experience of God is not like what most people think. I know that there is a god, but it isn’t the kind of God that punishes us for our sins and gives us good things when we are good. Instead, God is love, and love is God.

I believe that God is an energy and experience. The feeling of God can come through in many ways – with kindness, through nature, through music, or by being in awe of something beautiful or powerful. God is full of love for us all.

God, In Everything

I have had a lot of experiences with God. I had seen him in the most unlikely of places, heard him in the most unlikely of moments, and felt his presence when I needed it the most. It showed me that God loves us as we are.

God had given me peace when I felt lost, hope when I was feeling hopeless, and love when I felt unloved. He had given me strength when my own body failed me. He given me joy when all seemed hopeless. Shown himself to be kinder than anyone else could ever be to me- even if he is not always what we expect him to be. God loves all of us.

Many people have had experiences with God, and they have different experiences. My experience with God was positive. I felt the feeling of kindness from Him. His love for me is unconditional, making me feel so loved. Life, love, and God are all interconnected.

God, My Mentor

God has been helping me through tough times in life. He has helped me be a better person day by day. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn about Him and know that. He loves me unconditionally, no matter what happens in life.

My experience with God changed my life as I understood what it means to have faith. I realized that I could have a relationship with Him, even though He may or may not be there. Earlier I used to think about Who is God and What is God. It is something that needs to be felt to understand.

I used the term “experience” because this is how we should think of our spiritual experiences. As they happen naturally and without effort on our part. For example, my relationship with God began with the feeling that I needed to know Him more deeply because He was so important to me.

It was not until I experienced God differently that I realized the importance of my faith. This experience changed my life, and it continues to change me. God’s love for us encompasses everything.

I experienced God through meditation, as well as through prayer. The meditation process allowed me to see the world in a new light and understand. What is going on around me more deeply than ever before. Meditation has helped me become more aware of what is happening around me and has helped me make sense of life’s problems better than ever before.

My experience with God was an awakening that changed my life in a way that I could never have imagined. I had a spiritual awakening, which is defined as an experience of God or the divine. It is something that cannot be explained in words and can only be felt.

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