See God in everything, including yourself.

Most Interesting Questions

Why can`t we see God?

Einstein said that ‘’Matter is just energy, atoms spinning so fast that it can appear, on this earthly stage, to be real and solid. Your car, hands, body, and pet are energy—a kind of trick. Your soul is something else. Everything else can rust away, but our souls can last for a long time – until they join with God.’’

If we look deeper here, we see that we will all return back to where we came from because everything else is just energy, atoms, and God is infinite; you can not see something that has no matter.

God is everywhere and in every living being. We are a reflection of the Creator, and we are here to live and experience life to the fullest, without fears and believing in our powers.

Sometimes we forget that we are here to live without worries because we are too focused on the material plane to make money, survive, and work. In this case, we just exist without living. Or live without existing. But what we need to remember each day is that we need love, attention, and kindness in our lives. So we can give each day these vibrations to ourselves. We need to love and appreciate our bodies, learning to share more compassion with the people around us. In this way, we will be able to see that God is everywhere around us – in a tree, in the water, in the air that we breathe and keep us alive, in every insect, in the sky, and the earth.

What is my life purpose?

Each of us is wondering why we are here on earth and what our purpose can be. The answer to this question is in each one of us. God does want us to become rich and have material success if that is what we choose – because God wants all to grow as much as we want to. And that reminds me of what more than one successful business person has said – it is not having the millions, but it is my becoming the kind of person that can earn millions that is really important. So it is a balancing act. God wants us to also be kind and share love and compassion with ourselves and with all the living beings around us. This is the best way to love God.

Our life purpose is to experience life for God. To feel all the emotions that life feels, learn how to love without conditions and expectations from the external world. Grow every day. Discover mindfulness activities that can help you connect with yourself. Live our life fully without worries and stress, having faith that we have everything we need inside of us in order to thrive. We have many religious or spiritual gifts ready to be shared with the world.

Our life purpose is to become free from fears, judgments, traumas, and conditioning; to gain more confidence in ourselves and life. Everything happens for our highest good all the time, and nothing is a coincidence. Everything is connected and happens with perfect synchronicities to lead us toward our soul’s mission and make us become fulfilled and experience universal love for life. We need to believe in a higher power, and here Yoga, Meditation, and Spirituality can help us.

Where will I go when I die?

The strongest fear humans have is the fear of death. This happens because we forget that we are infinite beings, souls, in a human body, experiencing life in the 3D dimension. The soul is infinite; it cannot die. We need to acknowledge the spiritual visions from God. The body dies, and the soul transmutes into higher consciousness. So, the answer to this question is that we go where we belong when we finish our mission here on Earth. The best spiritual journey for beginners is to accept this fear of death and connect with your soul. Living your life mindfully leads to spiritual awakening, and this journey is different for all of us.

It is said that some souls came here to help humanity evolve, others are here to learn and go out of their karmic wheel, some of us are here because we want to be here and experience this human existence.

So, it does not matter from where we came and where we go; the important thing is that just the material body can die; the soul is infinite because it is a part of God.

How can I have a happy life?

True Spirituality is Happiness – the feeling worth searching for. Sometimes we look for this happiness in the external world, and we become very unhappy with our lives. The truth is that happiness comes from within. You will not find it in people, material things, or vacations. You can find happiness just if you learn to look into yourself and live in the present moment as much as you can. Have the faith that each second of your life is a work of art, be grateful for every little thing that surrounds you, and try to let this modern spirituality teach you how to evolve. This way you will have a happy life.

Another important thing about happiness is that it can be found just if you do not expect anything from anyone. You are just blocking yourself with those millions of anticipations because you wish something all the time. If the Universe wants to give you something, or more,  you are just blocking it with the things you think you want or need.

So, if you want a happy and fulfilled life, let all those expectations live in the present moment having faith that everything happens for a reason.

How to See God

‘’If you want to meet God, look in the mirror.’’

Everybody is curious about where and what God is. It is enough to look into the mirror, or to look out the window, and look at the sky, or a tree, and you will see God.

God is everywhere, in every living and non living thing. He is in the atoms of energy that spin around so fast to seem real. The energy that is your arm is made of the same stuff that is in your toaster. And your neighbor.

He is the intelligence that created the universes.

Why are we here?

‘’God created us to experience life through us.’’

We are here to create.

All the living souls on Planet Earth are here to be whatever they want to become. To live this experience fully.

Building healthy spiritual lives on earth in touch with nature can make people feel more secure, grounded, loving. We can choose to become and do anything we dream of.

Why are we here? It is easy to respond to this question if you are in touch with nature and trust it. You trust that anything can happen, but just with the body. The soul is infinite. Like this, you are able to understand why we are here. To experience life, love, cry, and be grateful for all the moments.

We are a glance from the Source of the Universe living in a human experience on earth. All living beings on this planet, from bugs to people, have a spark of God inside. This means that we can create anything we want in life because we have unlimited energy and light inside of us. The key is to believe and have faith. Acknowledge that even if something unpleasant happens, it comes to teach us something all the time. All the lessons lead us toward a better version of ourselves, more loving, compassionate, and kind. To experience and choose what and who we want to be.